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Item Suggestion



How about the idea of magical pearls named after celestial bodies that could allow users to wield magic that would traditionally be outside of their own abilities? Like Elemental stones, but much more pure, raw concentrated power. It is the condensation of pure magical energy into one small object. 

Examples would be...

  • Sun Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of light and healing magic. Staring at it too long could make your eyes sore. ... Stop staring at it!
  • Moon Pearl -Allows the wielder to harness the power of darkness and destructive magic. Holding onto it feels... comforting. You almost don't want to put it down.
  • Mercury Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of water and ice magic. It's freezing cold and damp to the touch. It might soak your clothes, so be careful!
  • Venus Pearl -  Allows the wielder to harness the power of earth, rock/metal, and nature magic. It smells like fresh cut grass after a storm, and it feels like... Mud? Gross.
  • Earth Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of gravity magic. It feels like you've got the weight of the world in your hands. 
  • Mars Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of fire, heat, and lava magic. This one might burn a hole through your pocket. Literally. 
  • Jupiter Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of wind, air, and lightning magic. It feels like you're holding a cool autumn breeze. And an electrical socket. 
  • Saturn Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of time magic. This lecture seems to be taking a long time. Are those... Liver spots?
  • Uranus Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of arcane magic. You can't help but think about all those failed math classes while holding it. 
  • Neptune Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of spirit magic. Wait, did dad lie about your home-made cookies being his favorite?
  • Pluto Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of necromancy. Max! You didn't run away while I was at summer camp!
  • Ceres Pearl - Allows the wielder to harness the power of feral magic. If you knew what the bluebirds sing, you would never sing along.
  • Pallas Pearl - Specifically allows the wielder to summon portals to specific cities and towns. I need to type in the coordinates to our home world, Morty. Cover me.
  • Juno Pearl - Only available for purchase in sets of two. It allows the wielders to contact eachother across continents instantly. Colloquially called "Gossip stones" in many areas. These all have a certain amount of time they can be used, instead of number of uses (Think of it like it's a phone, but ~magical~). Boing-oing! Only 24:00 remaining!
  • Vesta Pearl - Specifically allows the wielder to enchant containers to be larger inside than they are outside. Even after the Pearl breaks, the enchantments will remain. Greatly recommended for fashionistas with many outfits, or for Moms On The Go
  • Chiron Pearl - Specifically allows the wielder to contact an individual in the afterlife. These Pearls are one-use only, cannot be refilled with magic, and are incredibly hard to find. The smaller the Pearl, the more likely you are to speak to a random ghost. As they say in TV, I'm sure there's one big question on everybody's mind, and I imagine you are the man to answer that. How is Elvis, and have you seen him lately. 
The Celestial Pearls are all based off celestial bodies, and visually, they would look like said celestial body with a magical sigil or seal encasing it, and embroidered in fancy metalwork. Each Celestial Pearl would be a similar color to the power associated with it, like bright reds and oranges for the Mars Pearl, cool icy blues for the Mercury Pearl, etc. Small pearls are approximately the size of a cherry, medium pearls are around the size of a kiwi fruit, large pearls are about the size of a grapefruit

Standard Pearls wouldn't be one-use only (unless otherwise stated), but rather it would depend on the size of the pearl itself (Small x2-3 uses, Medium x5 uses, Large x8-10 uses?? maybe??).
After all the magic within it is used up, it shatters into a number of pieces. You can have magic re-infused into them, but only by a powerful magic user of that magic-type, which doesn't always come cheap. Or safely. Characters could either buy a refill from the shop at a price cheaper than the initial pearl, or they could (with permission from an admin) refill it via an RP with a magic-user. After each refill, it would shatter into more shards than the last time, making it less convenient to put together. After its final use, it explodes into a fine glittery powder that is impossible to put together again. 

The rarer types of magic would also have harder to find pearls, thus they would be more expensive. A Uranus Pearl that allows Arcane magic would be much cheaper than, say, a Neptune Pearl that allows spirit magic. In the same vein, it would be much more expensive to restore the magic in a Neptune Pearl, because master spirit magic-users are hard to come across. You'll likely be able to find an abundance of Moon Pearls in underground markets and other places degenerates gather.

They would be more powerful than traditional elemental stones. While an Earth Stone could be used to fertilize your herb garden, a Venus Pearl could allow you to summon a wall of rock to defend yourself with; A Fire stone can heat up your stovetop, but a Mars Pearl would be able to hold its own against a mage of similar strength.  

Also, don't feel too attached to the names! They could be named after Gods and Goddesses, Champions, whoever first created these magic types, or anything really. 

A possible origin story could be...
1) a legend where Nialle, goddess of magic, saw a non-magical being struggle to defend itself and wept tears that fell to the earth below and formed pearls.
2) an incredibly paranoid, powerful magic user was terrified of their presence being forgotten, so they spent the last of their days focusing their energy into an endless amount of pearls until they withered away and died. 
3) in areas untouched by sentient beings, the planet's energy began to condense into small pearls. through nature, they are moved from the deepest depths of the ocean to shores, from far beyond the travelled road to the safe edge of forests.

There are a finite* number of Pearls, unless Plot Things Happen and a currently living magical being is able to recreate the process used to bring them into existence. If/when Plot Things Happen, the cost of Pearls will go down exponentially, hopefully. Unless the person who discovers this technique is a jerkface.

*If origin #3 is chosen, there would be pearls that naturally occur, but it would happen slowly, over the course of anywhere from months to decades, and not be an overnight thing.

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Staff has accepted the suggestion and will review this information as we work to include these. They may be considered rare items that can be obtainable through events, shop, the gods, etc. though we will work with you to make sure they are acceptable for both the site as well as you. 

Thank you for your suggestion!

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