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SUGGESTION ONE: GIANT BIRDS(FALCONS/EAGLES?) So, this thought originates from playing wood elves on Total War: Warhammer, where there are giant birds, maybe the size of horses, which can carry elves into battles. They are armored and really cool, I think they'd be neat to add. Most likely live in high large trees or mountains. I picture they'd be mainly tamed by Pren for war and defense, wild ones often could be found flying in the sky around the elven territories, native to Katakarthia. I'd like to use them personally as part of my army, lol. I am picturing a falcon-type bird in appearance though, if you have any other suggestions please tell. Picture:

There were more but I am dead right now...I'd love to see these added, lol.

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I have a suggestion. I was thinking maybe we could add larger humanoids such as Orcs or Giants. Both have a plethora of sub-races to go with them. For instance; Orcs could have Goblins, Hobgoblins, and bugbears as sub-races whereas Giants could have elemental variants like Fire, Ice, Stone, ect. They can also have some more obscure giants that are a bit more distant like Cyclopses and Colossuses. Just something to consider.

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Staff has acknowledged this suggestion and will consider adding it, though it is currently up for discussion. We must make sure this would fit in well with our current lore and not be repetitive through our creatures.

Thank you for your suggestion!


Staff has accepted the suggestion and we will be working to bring these guys to Antarsia. 

Thank you for your suggestion!

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