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“Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no man look up at the sky with hope! And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake ... the Kraken!!!!”

Alignment = Neutral


0-30: Child
30-150: Adolescent
150-600: Teen
600-1,500: Adult
1,500+: Elder


The Kolkrabbi live on a mainly carnivorous diet. If it has a brain, it’s fair game. Kolkrabbi diets mainly consist of various fish and crustaceans, often making it sport as to who can capture the best meal. It is quite common, however for Kolkrabbi to indulge on the “fruits” of the sea. Though these other pieces of their diets are either small snacks or additives to the meat that they prepare.

Gods Worshipped

Name of God: Lithrina is the goddess of love and war, and patron goddess of the dwarves.
Name of God: Cysnial is the goddess of charity and greed, and patron goddess of the wolves.


Kolkrabbi come in a vast variety of colors, with different designs adorning their tentacles. Each Kolkrabbi are gifted with eight tentacles, with every tentacle being equal to a Kolkrabbi’s humanoid arm length. The hair color and the webbing between the fingers of a Kolkrabbi always share the same color of their tentacles while the eyes produce the color opposite of the hair and tentacle. For example, a Kolkrabbi with cherry red hair and tentacles would have emerald green eyes. Speaking of eyes, the ocular orbs of a Kolkrabbi possess horizontal slits like that of a horse or goat.


The Kolkrabbi are adept in various fighting styles, their primary weapons being modified fishing spears, single handed swords, and with the elites carrying tridents. And when not using their weapons, they utilize their tentacles in various attacks.
Underwater: This is probably where a Kolkrabbi is at its most dangerous state. As Kolkrabbi are faster fighters within water, it could become quite a challenge to go up against one. Several physical attacks that are common for sea fighting Kolkrabbi fall under three fighting styles: Plunder; Swamper; and finally Moon Tide.
Plunder: This fighting style is based solely on the philosophy of disarming or stripping someone of their defenses. By attacking vital points in the armor or going after small targets along the weapon a Plundering Kolkrabbi can turn the “tide” (bah dum tsh) of the battle. These fighters are trained to be more agile with their weapons.
Swamper: Swamper, or “mudlurker” is the art of deception and manipulation. Swamper Kolkrabbi utilize their tentacles more within a fight, a common trick would be slinking low to the ground and diving towards their opponent’s feet, often missing on purpose as their tentacle latches onto the ankle as they slide past. These Kolkrabbi are the “weakest” of the three fighting arts as they are trained in ways that build as little muscle as possible to give off more of an impression that they cannot fight.
Moon Tide: Moon Tide is said to be a secret training art that only specific Kolkrabbi are chosen for. The Moon Tide warriors are believed to be the Kolkrabbi that are reported to attack sea vessels for their treasures. Oddly enough, that’s all they would take, leaving anything that doesn’t shine. These Kolkrabbi are a mysterious lot, even to their own kind oddly enough. But a Moon Tide fighter carry the tattoo of a shattered moon above water. Though one report is always true, they are aggressive fighters but never kill? interesting...

Above land: Here is where a Kolkrabbi is “nerfed” as they move much slower on land. But don’t underestimate Kolkrabbi that are trained for such journeys. “Landlubber” Kolkrabbi are taught a different set of fighting styles specifically for the earthy terrains. These second trilogy of fighting styles are: Clayman, Treelover mk1 and mk2, and finally Stoneblood.
Clayman: This fighting style is the land equivalent to Swamper. The difference is that Clayman fighters utilize the soppy terrain to their advantage. Kicking up mud usually, or dust when mud isn’t available. These fighters use whatever they can to lower the accuracy and the stability of their targets.
Treelover mk1: This fighting style is quite unique, as its origin is from a Kolkrabbi folklore of one of their own becoming a tree after a bloody and grieving battle. Kolkrabbi will use their tentacles to “root” themselves in a fight, this would require them to lose the ability of movement as their tentacles are now burrowed in the dirt. These Kolkrabbi are known to be fighters that focus on defensive techniques. Imagine a Whomping Willow, you wouldn’t like that huh?
Treelover mk2: This fighting style was founded on a Kolkrabbi’s observations on monkeys. These Kolkrabbi will often use their tentacles to navigate through trees, swinging through the branches or simply weaving around the tree itself. These fighters are known to destroy their own fighting environment as a last ditch attack effort or evasive maneuver.
Stoneblood: Now this is an interesting art for Kolkrabbi, and was in fact an idea offered to them by a dwarf who once visited a Kolkrabbi owned beach. Stoneblood (possibly named after the dwarf) is the art of utilizing the tentacles with stones for an extra oof. In fact a living mace would be an appropriate comparison. Hurling, flailing, and rolling stone on the floor to trip up opponents are all techniques masterfully used by Stoneblood fighting Kolkrabbi. As you can imagine, their tentacles are a lot beefier.
There is a final fighting art known as The Blade of Poseidon. These Kolkrabbi are quite rare (10% chance of birth) as they are born with white tentacles and black eyes. They are skilled in all fighting arts due to a seemingly natural affinity to combat.

The magical abilities of a Kolkrabbi are saved only for a specific selection of Kolkrabbi. However this will be discussed later. The magical abilities of a Kolkrabbi vary between the genders with natural affinity.
Male: Male Kolkrabbi Warriors are known to be well adept aquamancers. The water attacks of a Kolkrabbi could do various things, such as summons marine life made out of water, create urging waves on land, a bubble shield, and many more techniques. The Kolkrabbi Hero, Kerlkrint, was once said to have been so powerful he summoned a mountain sized golem made from the tides to aid the Kolkrabbi in a rebellion against their oppressors.
Female: Female Kolkrabbi Warriors are known to render themselves invisible to the naked eye. A special armor was crafted specifically for female warriors that was also able to fade from view. This type of illusion magic seemed to come naturally to the females. Some argue this is because the females are naturally weaker, others claim their gods purposefully made it so that the females are more dangerous than their visible brethren.
Shamans: This is where the gender barrier collapses. Shamans, Kolkrabbi with rare (15% chance of birth) black tentacles and white eyes, are trained in various forms of magic. Necromancy, Aeromancy, Pyromancy, Cryomancy, etc. Though they usually follow one or two teachings their whole life as a speciality.


Kolkrabbi culture is a mix based on their goddesses. The Kolkrabbi enjoy celebrations, every dinner meal is an all-tribe event where every member sit amongst their peers and enjoy a large feast. On the other hand they also enjoy sparring amongst one another in tournaments or when one feels dishonored by another. (i.e, when one breaks their word with another) This would be an example of the love and war they inherited from Lithrina. Kolkrabbi are inherently greedy, attacking ship and stealing valuables like jewels and precious metals. For their charitable acts however, they are often reported to be willing to give artifacts of their culture to others to study or collect. Cysnial would be responsible for this. To go into depth on this culture, however Kolkrabbi are actually a Matriarch like tribal culture. Their Tribe Leaders are all female with three of them in charge. The Male Kolkrabbi are still expected however to be the ones to carry the burdens of the tribe. Female Kolkrabbi are also allowed to carry these burdens but it isn’t too common. The Kolkrabbi carry many professions to help out the tribe. Some are Stitchers, creators of armor for the Kolkrabbi. Others are Forgers, makers of weapons. There are also Chefs, Scavengers, Trainers, Warriors, Crafters, and many more professions exist.


Not much is known about Kolkrabbi history save for the few text they’ve shared. Much of their origins involve a hero known as KerlKrint, The Coral Knight. He was said to be the first Kolkrabbi, but what was strange about him was that he was the only Kolkrabbi with grey tentacles and rainbow eyes. The Coral Knight was born from the conjoined efforts of Lithrin and Cysnial. They say Cysnial began to cry one day for her creation was imperfect, and couldn’t be finished. Hearing her distress Lithrin offered her assistance to create a powerful creature out of the failed race. But at the price that he would be warrior who would be willing to start a war at a moment’s notice. With reluctance the Goddess of Charity and Greed accepted, and together they created the Coral Knight. KerlKrint was a warrior with an immense pool of magic and a powerful fighter.
Disclaimer: This lore is not and may never be canon. It is to help with the supposed origins of the Kolkrabbi. Thank you.
KerlKrint was said to be the hero of the seas, and guardian of the sea races. One day it was said that a war broke out over the sky and sea, causing the races of the winds to battle the races of the waters. This war lasted for years until one day a sacrifice was made KerlKrint used his remaining magic to create an avatar of himself from the sea to battle the Dragon Lord: Siljunzahreik. The battle was long, and taxing The Dragon Lord wouldn’t let up the attack against the Coral Knight and KerlKrint refused to give up. In a valiant and terrible effort, the Coral Knight used one last spell to scatter his body. The explosion of magic was so great it was said to tear the Dragon Lord from existence… The Kolkrabbi rose from the scattered remain of the Coral Knight. They say that another Grey One will come to take the title of Coral Knight.

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