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Fizzlepocket [WIP]

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Character's Name: Fizzlepocket

Nicknames: Fizzy

Age: 31 (Thirty-one)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Overlord In-training

Species: Eryn Gnome

Face Claim: Lunalu from Granblue Fantasy. Art: x, x, x, x

  • Necromancy [Nature Magic]:

  • Stealth: Fizzy isn't trained in the art of stealth per se. However attempting to find a two foot tall Gnome at night isn't the easiest task in the world.

Appearance: Fizzy despite standing at a proud two foot, one inch is dwarfed by most creatures. Her statue is broad and thick albeit chubby. Fizzy's lack of muscle tone is a testament to her magical pursuit and lethargic nature. Fizzy's flowing locks continue past her wide hips stopping a few inches from the ground. Complimenting Fizzy's dark hair are her dull dark eyes. She wears a white eyepatch over her functional right eye to make herself appear more domineering. Because what's scarier than a warlord with an eyepatch? Nothing.

Fizzy's ears are pointed and thick akin to the Elves that share the same land. Ears and statue aren't the only thing Fizzy takes from the small Gnomes. She has a oval face, reminiscent of a child due to the longevity and slow aging of the fabled Lesser Elves.

Personality: Fizzy the diminutive overlord demands everyone's attention. Fizzy aspires to be the 'best overlord in the whole universe'. While her skills may not be up for the task her haughty attitude is. Noncompliance with Fizzy's wishes will end with her foes rueing the day for all eternity. Although in reality Fizzy will play petty pranks on her enemies to ensure she will have the last laugh. 

History: (If requested or needed to explain the power behind a character)

Roleplay Sample: Only do this on your first character application!

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