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Zombies? Undead?! No! What are these things?! They look.... Alive?! HERE.
A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
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Disaster has struck at the Shrine of Jackroth! Find out what has happened to both oracle and God HERE.

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Plot Positions!

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All positions found here are relative to the plot whether directly or indirectly. Here all city leaders, royals, and oracle positions plus other ones imperative to the plot will be adopted out and applied for. 

City Leaders
All cities are current looking for leaders! Don't be afraid to ask or apply for any of them that sparked your interest.

Heads of House
Heads of Houses are always a royal. You may apply for a Head of a House for any line open, but you cannot apply to have a royal just because. If you would like to have a royal that is not a Head of a House or an oracle, you must have permission from the House's matriarch and staff. 

An oracle is a vessel for the divided Pure and Corrupt Gods, and is always a Royal of the species that the god is the patron of. Oracles are indistinguishable from the other members of their species, other than a tattoo that may be easily concealed from others should they wish to. 

Oracles do not know when they will be taken over by the Gods, and have no recollection of the possession after it has occurred. When the God possesses an Oracle, it can be very dangerous and damaging to the oracle, for although the Gods limit their power while doing so, they still possess enough concentrated energy to damage the oracle. After such an episode, the Oracle must heal and recover for a few days before they are able to continue with their lives once more. 

That the God possesses an Oracle is a very, very rare occasion, for Gods do not normally intervene in the daily goings-on of Antarsia and the individual creatures, and some Oracles may go their entire lives without ever being possessed by the Gods they serve. Once an Oracle dies, the God will transfer the status of Oracle to the next conceived Royal child of that species, who will serve as the oracle their entire life. 

Any time an oracle is taken over, the player should contact staff and just give them a heads-up they are using the god and just tell them what they're doing. They are allowed to play the god ONLY when they're character is possessed and it needs to be understaff approval so this privilege isn't abused or used too often. Staff also has the right to approve the character to be a royal and not an oracle if they decide to. Gods still needing an oracle are as follows.


Champions are the lesser species' equivalent to the oracles. Champions are an individual agreed upon by the two gods that created the new species. They are often gifted in some form that sets them apart from the other member. Most often they are the leaders of their group but not always. A champion can turn down the position. Rarely is there more then one champion per population but it is not unheard of.
Pure Gods
Feaya is the goddess of the rivers, and the patron goddess of the wolves.
Ganthor is the god of stone, and the patron god of the dwarves.
Haliea is the goddess of the sun and moon, and the patron goddess of the angels and demons.
Jakroth is the god of fire, and the patron god of the humans.
Karnos is the god of the plains, and the patron god of the lions.
Nialle is the goddess of magic, and the patron goddess of the kitsune.
Zarkos is the god of air, and the patron god of the dragons.
Malina is the goddess of the forest, and the patron goddess of the elves.

Corrupt Gods
Cysnial is the goddess of charity and greed, and patron goddess of the wolves.
Eleinia is the goddess of dreams and obsessions, and patron goddess of the dragons.
Jiasna is the goddess of order and chaos, and patron goddess of the humans.
Lithrina is the goddess of love and war, and patron goddess of the dwarves.
Norak is the god of peace and death, and patron god of the lions.
Plythio is the god of nobility and pride, and patron god of the elves.
Tharamos is the god of reality and illusion, and patron god of the kitsune.
Vaerath is the god of light and dark, and the patron god of angels and demons.


Western-line Dragon (Main) [ x ] Taken by Kenjin (Achera)
Western-line Dragon (Fragment) [ x ] Taken by Gilgamesh (king fury(
Eastern Dragon [x] Taken by Jun (NekoNay)
Wyvern Dragon [x] Taken by Nebula (horvat)
Sea Serpent Dragon [ ]
Angel House of Liberty [ ] 
Angel House of Life [ x ] Taken by Calista Garveel (Kokopuffs)
Angel House of Light [ x ] Taken by Mileani (King Fury)
Angel House of Plenty [  ]
Angel House of Faith [  ] Taken by Abraham Va'Yera (Sparx)
Angel House of Love [ x ] Taken by Eros Heartseeker (Kila)
Demon House of Famine [] 
Demon House of Conquest [ x ] Taken by Kurai Vereiha (Achera)
Demon House of Death [ x ] Taken by Razor Wolfstrike (Andromeda)
Demon House of War [ x ] Taken by Z'laenna (King Fury)
Demon House of Martyr [  ]
Demon House of Terror [  ] Taken by Benjamin Zelah (Sparx)
The Dwarves (only one line) [ x]  Taken by Dagna Sunhair (Kila)
The Elven House of Pren [x] Taken by Rylonis (Nidelia)
The Elven House of Visek [  ]
The Elven House of Tume [  ]
The Human House of Theros  [  ] 
The Human House of Meinos [  ]
The Kitsune House of Pheos [  ]
The Kitsune House of Skotaide [ ]
The Lion Pride: Agrothron [  ]
The Lion Pride: Falonde [  ]
The Wolf Pack: Chortari [ x ]* Taken by Rapture (Andromeda) Message Roma if Interested
The Wolf Pack: Enkratis [ x ] Taken by Var (Kila)


Feaya Oracle [  ]
Ganthor Oracle [  ]
Haliea Oracle [ x ] Taken by Lizair (King Fury)
Jakroth Oracle [  ]
Karnos Oracle [  ]
Nialle Oracle []
Zarkos Oracle [ x ] Taken by Aerithe Lightsinger (Kila)
Malina Oracle [x]  Taken by Rylonis (Nidelia)


Cysnial Oracle [ x ] Taken by Arctis (Achera)
Eleinia Oracle [ x ] Taken by Giriana (King Fury)
Jiasna Oracle [  ] 
Lithrina Oracle [  ]
Norak Oracle [  ]
Plythio Oracle [  ] 
Tharamos Oracle [ x ]* Taken by Karyso (Andromeda) Message Roma if interested
Vaerath Oracle [ x ] Taken by Naiome (Andromeda)


Ryein Herd Leader [  ]
Exiier Herd Leader [  ]
Light Kirkasta Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Life Kirkasta Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Plenty Kirkasta Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Liberty Kirkasta Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Faith Kirkasta Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Love Kirkasta Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Conquest Helvate Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Death Helvate Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Famine Helvate Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
War Helvate Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Martyr Helvate Royal Pack Alpha [  ]
Terror Helvate Royal Pack Alpha [  ]


Ryein Driare Champion [  ]
Exiier Driare Champion [  ]
Light Kirkasta Champion [  ]
Life Kirkasta Champion [  ]
Plenty Kirkasta Champion [  ]
Liberty Kirkasta Champion [  ]
Faith Kirkasta Champion [  ]
Love Kirkasta Champion [  ]
Conquest Helvate Champion [  ]
Death Helvate Champion [  ]
Famine Helvate Champion [  ]
War Helvate Champion [  ]
Martyr Helvate Champion [  ]
Terror Helvate Champion [  ]

Ka’lari Champion [ - ] These are to be released! Stay tuned!
Iyari Champion [ x ] Taken by Zaeren (Andromeda)
Tsu’tari Champion [ - ] These are to be released! Stay tuned!

City Leader of Lycha [  ]
City Leader of Yfrelo [  ]
City Leader of Seliel [  ]

More are coming soon! Inquire with a staff member if interested!

Please put as much effort into this application as you can manage. Staff wants to see that you will cherish and love this position if you get it. Please note, the character must also have an application in that staff can refer to when judging the character. Also do not apply with a character that has their status in society already canonized, especially if you want them to be an oracle.

[b]Name:[/b] (your username)
[b]Character:[/b] (name & link to the character you are applying with)
[b]Position:[/b] (What position are you applying for? City leader/Head of House/Oracle)
[b]Why we should pick you?[/b] (What puts you apart from the other applicants?)
[b]Plot Ideas:[/b] (What will you do with this position once you get it?)
[b]Other:[/b] (anything else we should know?)



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Name: Kila
Character: [url=]Dagna Sunhair[/url]
Position: Dwarven royal
Why we should pick you?: Eh, I’m creative. I might be a bit flaky bc if offline issues, but I always come back c: 
Plot Ideas: All out war, baby!!!!!! With the dragons, of course. Dagna would absolutely take advantage of that fancy power vacuum and strike while the iron is hot.

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