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Alexander, Dragoon of the Sea

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Character's Name: Alexander

Nicknames: Seahawk, The Great Blizzard, The Bloody Maelstrom

Titles: Dragoon

Age: 247
(Appears to be in mid-twenties.)

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 210 lbs

Power Tier: Monster
(Power Tier explained here.)


Draconic Emulation: To become a Dragoon is to recreate yourself in the image of dragons. In doing so, the Dragoon becomes more than what they were, gaining traits reminiscent of dragon-kind. A Dragoon can match a dragon in strength, speed, and durability, potentially even surpassing them as they become stronger. Even their lifespan greatly lengthens, becoming longer the stronger they become, growing ever closer to that of a dragon's. Their very soul becomes that of a dragon's, and they become indistinguishable in all but physical form. Alexander, having become a Dragoon, is more akin to a dragon in a human form, rather than the full human he once was. As he has grown in strength, he has surpassed lower specimens of dragon-kind and is more than able to hold his own against most powerful beings that he faces, including the dragons that he emulates so fondly, as well as those even more powerful than they, however rare such creatures may be.

Draconic Rites: The ritual to become a Dragoon is a ritual of blood, and delves into the manipulation of such. Because of this experience, a Dragoon will always have at least passing knowledge of blood magic and its various rituals and uses, though many decide to delve no further into the practice. Alexander is one of those who sought to deepen this knowledge and has become an accomplished healer because of it, though his methods may differ from more accepted norms. He can use blood magic to replenish his flesh and blood, as well as that of others, and is capable of repairing faults that other arts of healing may not, being no stranger to recreating one's body and soul. He can also use blood magic to strengthen his body and weaponize his blood. He has a general knowledge of the various practices of blood magic and how to perform them, and, through his exposure, is capable of sensing things of or related to those practices, as if able to smell them.

Draconic Blessing: The ritual to make one a Dragoon requires blood, and not just one's own. The ritual requires the blood of a dragon, though Alexander has taken an unusual approach to this. One would usually use the blood of a flying dragon to become a Dragoon attuned with wind and fire, but Alexander instead used the blood of a sea serpent for his transformation, becoming attuned with wind and water. Like other Dragoons, Alexander's magical power is deeply connected to his physical power, enough so that each is tied together and progresses in tandem. At his current power, he can control the elements of wind and water as easily as he breathes, forming and shaping them to his will with a simple thought. Like any other Dragoon, his affinity for wind enables him to fly, jumping from breeze to breeze as if his body itself is a dragon's wing. His connection to water, however, runs much deeper, deeper than is normal for even Dragoons, though not unheard of.

One With Water: Alexander has a deep connection with the element of water, and has become water in a way that few can achieve. He's able to extinguish a mundane fire by being in its presence and simply willing it so, and his very presence seems to exude the force of an ocean's depths. Water has ceased to impede him in any way. He no longer sinks into water unless he wills it, allowing him to treat it as solid ground. Unlike solid ground, however, he cannot be hurt by falling into it. He cannot be crushed by the pressure of water and he can no longer drown. He can move within water much like a sea serpent, flawlessly and with speed few others could match. Even more uncommon among Dragoons, Alexander has evolved his affinity for water into an affinity for ice. That is, he has become so connected to water that he can call forth the merciless cold of an ocean's depths. He can form and shape ice as easily as he does wind and water, and he is exceptionally resistant to cold.

Martial Skill: Alexander is a force to be reckoned with, though the same could be said of any Dragoon. In becoming a Dragoon he gained the raw power of a dragon, and by honing his strength even further he surpassed even that. He has become strong enough that, should they know him, any intelligent dragon would fear his challenge, or at least respect it. He has long since ascended beyond his humanity and could slaughter dozens of human soldiers without pause. He has become afraid of very little, for though there exist beings that could match him in power, those that could easily exceed him are extremely far and few between, and though strong as he is on land or in air, he's even stronger underwater. He fights primarily using his affinity for water and ice, using his affinity for wind mostly for flight and maneuverability, or to control the area around him. He also often utilizes his ability to control his blood, and he's found that he can freeze it to become especially hard.

A Maelstrom Of Blood And Ice: On an average day, Alexander will fight by simply freezing and shattering everything around him, be it an enemy or the very terrain. Pushed further than this, he will resort to a much more developed style using sharpened flows of water and blades made from ice, and often switches between these. Water to ice and ice to water, he's capable of using these elemental affinities and his physical strength to tear apart those who'd challenge him, as well as everything around them, shattering even rock and steel should they get in his way. Though he's more than capable of fighting without water to aide him, as he can form his own, he can be considered more dangerous the more water is around him, as he can control it just as well. Though more rarely, he also uses his blood to fight, freezing and shaping it into various weapons, most often utilizing bladed tendrils or claws. He can even freeze his blood within himself and maintain it for a time.


Bound Armor: Dragoons wear armor, but not just any armor will suffice for those with the might of dragons. Made from pure iron, the armor of a Dragoon is then bonded to them, permanently, through a ritual not unlike that which made the Dragoon in the first place. The armor essentially becomes a piece of the Dragoon's own body, molding itself to their form and changing shape to best suit them, even repairing itself with their magic. So deep is this bond that a Dragoon can recall their armor into the depths of their soul, allowing them to stow it away at will. Bound to a Dragoon's soul as it is, the armor becomes an integral piece of their being. They can control it at will, reshaping it, and its strength is tied to their own, evolving past its limits just as they have. While it can cover a Dragoon's body perfectly, it doesn't impede any of their senses, nor can it suffocate them, though it will impede that which may harm them, be it an excess of light or poison within the air.

Bound Weapon: Much like their armor, a Dragoon's weapon is forged from pure iron before being bound to their very soul, allowing them to stow it away at will within themselves. It grows with its owner's strength, evolving past the natural limits of its materials just as they grow past the natural limits of their body. It shapes itself to their unconscious, becoming ideal to them in both function and design. It becomes an extension of them, and a Dragoon can wield their weapon as naturally as they can move their body. As if refusing the very idea of piercing their flesh, a Dragoon's weapon is so deeply bound to them that it cannot be used to harm them. As if clinging to its owner's body, their weapon will even resist being torn from their grip should they not will it so. A Dragoon's weapon is often used more as a catalyst for their various abilities, and by moving it they can use it as a guide to coax their spirit, enabling them greater control over their magic, both elemental and otherwise.

Appearance: Beneath his armor, Alexander could almost be mistaken for any other thug from the slums of some city. His body bears the scars of many petty confrontations, each just as shallow and meaningless as the last. Standing at over six feet tall with short, black, unkempt hair resting atop an angular face and a perpetual scowl, he looks like the kind of person one would avoid on the street, or at least be more cautious of their coin purse when around. His eyes, however, a piercing ice-blue, display a concentrated fierceness. His posture is unnervingly still, each muscle acting frozen when not in active use. More so than some mere thug, unnaturally dense muscle ripples just beneath his skin with every movement. He walks with an at ease professionalism not found among city lowlives, with a gait only found among seasoned fighters. Even more so than that, he walks as if he's afraid of nothing, more akin to the walk of a battle-hardened immortal than the walk of a soldier.

Personality: Though he has been elevated from his mediocrity, Alexander still carries some traits from a life spent in the streets. He's blunt at times, fairly intimidating, and tends to be irritable. Risen as he is, he no longer feels the need to prove anything to those he views beneath him in both strength and enlightenment. Even so, he still has a very low tolerance for stupidity, and won't shy from using intimidation to get his way, or from enforcing his will with might. Irritable as he can be, however, Alexander isn't rude for the sake of it. Should one show him the respect he believes he is due, he will at least be polite in return. He's cynical, untrusting, quick to anger, and hard to earn the respect of, but he will respect someone he believes deserves it, albeit reluctantly if he does not personally like them. One thing to note is that he has an interest in the strange and exotic, be it items or people, and takes especially kindly to that which is associated with water and the ocean.

History: Alexander was born to a pair of lowlives in the slums of Seliel, and spent all of his early life there. Raised by a community of muggers and petty thieves, he took what he needed to live, and often simply what he wanted. He, like every member of his community, learned to lay low and pick his targets carefully for fear of being beaten by one of the many magical races in the city that could easily best him. That was, however, until he was chosen by his mentor, plucked from the slums he called home and lifted onto a pedestal that few can reach. His mentor molded him into something more, taking him from Seliel to travel the world. He was taught that he was to be the turning point of their lineage, the redeemer, and it would be decades later that he truly understood what that meant. His mentor, having spent more than a thousand years refining their art and having passed it on, retired into the wilds in solitude, leaving Alexander alone to fulfill the destiny given him.

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