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Dexter Scara(WIP)

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[Image: 676457.png]
Character's Name: Dexter Scara

Nicknames: Dex

Age: 160

Gender: Nonbinary Transmale(They/Them or He/Him)

Species: Western Dragon/Anthro Wolf hybrid

-Fire Breathing - Dexter's fire breath admits a blue flame.
-Levitation of small objects - Dexter is able to levitate objects smaller than a large sized dog.
- Magically intuned - Dexter shows potential to learn different kinds of magic over time.
-Dragon strength- Dexter is stronger than the average human, however lacks the true physical strength of a dragon.
- Dragon heritage- Dexter will show more dragon-like traits as he ages, and he also ages just as slowly as a dragon. However unlike a dragon, he is able to die from illness, blood loss or old age(over one thousand).

Dexter's appearance upon first glance is easy to see that their appearance gives off rather confusing glances from others. Most upon first sight unable to tell him from male to female. Dexter's body is rather chimera-like, possessing both soft scales and furs in some places. It is difficult to tell which areas are fur and which are scale unless one touches them closely. He does not look particularly muscular either, possessing slightly feminine curves around his hips. 
His coat is all around different shades of grey, with a large portion of his fur being a pale grey/off white color, to his darker shades being a normal grey, and dark grey markings. His ears are flopped down, similar to a dog's ears. His insides are a yellowish color while his eyes are a pale blue. He has mane styled as hair on his head, and his tail is fully fur. 
Dexter does not appear naked often, and is usually seen wearing various clothes of a higher class than he actually is. Dexter takes good care of his appearance, he is usually not seen without a pair of fancy clothing and his signature glasses.


Dexter was born a bastard. A child between a male dragon lord and a female wolf. Dexter was born biologically female. So when Dexter was presented to his grey scaled father hoping that he would assist his mother in her time of need, he denied her and told her to get rid of the child since she couldn't produce him a rightful heir, a son. Dexter was left behind in an orphanage far from his father's kingdom.

Dexter at an early age never really felt comfortable with being labeled as a female. Ever since he was able to speak he always told others that he was a male. Thankfully the more he grew, the more others began to become more accepting his label. Through out his life he struggled to look the way he wanted to look, masculine. He had little control of his life, even while he studied magic. Everyone around him pushed and pressured him to do so much and he aged slowly by a wolf's standards.

It wasn't until he was in his thirties and living as a librarian in a grand city where he began to discover his dragon-like heritage. The ability to breath fire came to him much by accident and to his surprise when he accidentally burnt a good portion of his clothing. Some spots of fur began to fall off and transform into scale plating and his muzzle shifted into one of a dragon.

This caught the attention of a grand magus nearby which saw the potential within him to perform great magical feats. Ever since, the orphan hybrid found himself studying under the magus and his order. Wanting to make a name of himself and discover who he is as his more dragon-like traits grow and develop within time.

Roleplay Sample
Adora held her hands tightly together. She was nervous, nervous at what she wanted to tell her. Adora knew that Catra has been hurt...hurt too much by the way they were raised and how Shadow Weaver abused and manipulated the both of them. Adora knew that what she was saying, what she wanted to tell her. It wasn't from anyone but herself. The hostility of her words. What she had told her, it hurt her more than any punch or lazer. It hurt her more than any wound big or small. 

Hearing her speak about Glimmer. That she was happy...there was a difference between looking happy and actually feeling happy. After all, how do you tell your best friend that you possibly have feelings for someone who tried to kill her multiple times? That you have difficulty sleeping at night without hearing her voice wishing you a good night? 

Adora's hands held together then relaxed as she took a deep breath. The anxiety she feels bubbling over. "I miss your voice, and the way you purred when you was happy." Adora began, trying to list off the things that she remembered about her. "I miss your eyes, and that little tail twitch you did when you thought you saw a mouse." Adora kept still in that chair, looking at her with her blue eyes. "While Glimmer may say that I am happy, she also trusts Shadow Weaver enough to let her walk around Brightmoon whenever she pleases. She even has her own garden where she makes her own tea in the morning and everything." Adora added, the anger and bile in her voice as she mentioned Shadow Weaver. "While Glimmer says I'm happy without you, she doesn't know the whole truth. While I am grateful for the new experiences Brightmoon gave me, there was one thing that I was missing more than anything...something that made me feel like I was at home,, Catra." Adora was spilling her heart out, her tone had changed to one of upset and sadness. "Do you, really still miss me after all of this time? I hated me, for what I've become."  

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