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Pherae Cloudbearer (WIP)

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Character's Name:
Pherae Cloudbearer


4,180 (when he died)
4,530 (when resurrected)


Light angel / Eastern dragon hybrid

Elemental magics -

Dragon form -

Weapons finesse -

Just -

Amiable -

Longing -

Playful -

Disciplined -

Anxious -


Pherae was born to Pren and Aegis. Aegis was a high ranking general in the military, Pren was a scholar, and the two raised Pherae with a love of military tactics and learning. He was thirty when his little sister, Aolani, was born, and he was immediately thrown into big brother mode. As soon as she was old enough to walk, Pherae was taking Aolani on all manner of adventures, and he was very fond of showing off to her during his training sessions with their mother. Despite their age difference, the two were extremely close, and considered to be best friends by many.

Their mother was slain in battle when he and his sister were still fairly young. Pherae and his family mourned, but it wasn't long before he too joined the military and followed in his mother's footsteps. With his mother's teachings he was quick to rise up in rank, and was soon leaving to lead companies into battle, leaving Aolani and their father to wait for him at home. He urged his sister to continue her training, which started with their mother and continued under him. Every time he left, Aolani begged him not to go; but as a dedicated military man, he left.

And then he died.

The battle had been particularly fierce that day. Charlie, the young daughter of the prince of war, was on the field for the first time. She had a lot to prove and everything to lose, and Pherae wasn't going to make it easy. Many soldiers were lost that day, on both sides, and when it seemed everything would end the fighting picked up once again. Charlie threw herself into battle, poised to take out a great number of angels in her wake. Pherae rushed out to meet her in order to buy his troops more time. Their battle was ferocious, and came to a bloody end when Charlie drive a blade into Pherae and ripped the pearl out of his very throat. He bled out as he thrashed for his life, though he managed to take out several demons in the process; though Charlie survived.

The haze of death is a mystery to him. He wandered the land of the dead, a shell of his former self, searching for something he didn't even know.

For three-hundred and fifty years he wandered, until a tear in the veil opened and he stumbled through. He returned to his body, which was scarred and broken, missing the golden rings around his wings and body. But worse still is that he awoke with no memory of who he is or where he came from.

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