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Hajra Myrahel (WIP)

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Character's Name: Hajra Myrahel
Nicknames: Monarch of Many Teeth, Serpent of Kidwe, Hajra the Usurper, Champion of Londe
Age: 274
Gender: Female
Species: Tume Elf
Arcane Magic - Summoning: Hajra can call beings of other dimensions to do her bidding. This magic requires a large amount of preparation, and must be performed perfectly to work. Each creature is summoned by a specific sigil, chant, and use of magic. Summoning a creature requires knowledge of that creature’s Summoning spell, or trying random patterns until a creature appears. Once a being is summoned, it must be bound, though binding spells are often worked into the Summoning spell for greater safety. Binding spells must contain greater power than the creature they are binding, and so more powerful beings are often summoned by multiple sorcerers (however, the creature is usually bound to only one). Once bound, the creature can be called into service at any time, or even remain by the caster’s side.
Summoned creatures are always fully bestial in one form and mostly human in the other, although all of their forms will retain some mark of their true nature. Some summoned creatures, called familiars, can also shapeshift into a variety of smaller animals. These creatures are not very powerful, but they help their summoner to see magic and spirits and often act as messengers. Hajra’s familiar Thostramor is a spiky reptile about the size of a dog, resembling a mix between a dragon and a toad in his true form. In every form, he retains a forked tongue.
Arcane Magic - Portals: Hajra can create small portals that lead into a personal pocket dimension. The pocket dimension is airless, so she cannot stay there long, but she can use it to store precious items and to transport herself from place to place. She cannot create portals directly from one place on Antarsia to another, but she can make a portal into her pocket dimension and a portal out of her pocket dimension to any location on Antarsia. Creating these portals is relatively simple, requiring only a short chant. Because the pocket dimension is airless, Hajra also enchants small sticks to open the portal when broken by her hands, when she has the intention of opening the portal. This keeps the sticks from opening a portal when they or stolen, or when one snaps by accident.
Shapeshifting: Hajra has the ability to shapeshift into a black mamba snake with a silver underside.
Knives: Hajra is skilled at wielding knives, whether they be throwing knives or short, bladed weapons like daggers.
Appearance: A tall and willowy woman with dark, nearly black skin and her black tresses separated into dreadlocks. Stern silver eyes peer out from over prominent cheekbones, a flat yet slightly hooked nose pointing downward to a sharp chin.  Her lithe frame is covered with compact muscles and thin scars silvered with age. Silver jewelry covers her, twining around her hair, hanging from her long ears, and piercing her nose. Often she can be seen wearing a crown of teeth taken from the creatures she has defeated, and her clothing consists of many complex layers of exquisite dark cloth.
Personality: Hajra is as prideful as many Tume are, flaunting her status with titles and trophies. She is also a kind woman, generous with those in need and helpful to those that ask for her aid. Hajra is ambitious but not rash. She is an intelligent woman who excels in strategy and statesmanship. But she is also reclusive, and prone to lies, unwilling to trust even those closest to her. While she is affectionate in the short term, she lacks in long term loyalty.
History: Hajra was born to merchant parents in the city of Londe and soon attracted attention. She was a shapeshifter, but more than that, her animal form was the kind of shape also taken by the royal family. Her infamy grew as she did, and at adulthood she found herself recruited by a revolutionary sect as a convenient figurehead. She soon became more than just the face of the operation. Hajra overthrew the current royals in a bloody coup with the help of magic and displeased citizens. Now she is head of the Tume house of elves, albeit with many political enemies and a long way to go.
Roleplay Sample: Hajra grinned a bloody smile at her sparring partner. “So now do you think I am still fit to be Head, after this all is done?”
The man shook his head and laughed. “If you kill the current one, I’ll hand you the crown myself!”
“As if I wouldn’t just take it,” she said, chuckling. Alkerin would make a good right hand, when the time came. She told him so, and he gave her the feral grin he usually reserved for battle. That was good. They had a battle to fight.
The royal spire was heavily guarded, but that matters little when most of the guards are on your side. It was all to easy to slay the few remaining loyalists. For one, an arrow to the eye. The next, a knife to the neck. The closer to the royal chambers, the more skilled and loyal the guards, but even they fell before the sheer mass of the rebellion and the prowess of its front line. Hajra headed the lot, a hulking, summoned beast obedient at her side.
At last there was the Head. His eyes flashed wide as they broke down the doors, his hands out as he cast dark spells. But it was to no avail, as one of Hajra’s throwing knives embedded itself in his chest. She strolled over, ripped the knife out, and slashed his throat for good measure. Alkerin, winking, handed her the crown. Hajra donned it and sat, clicking her nails against the arms of her throne. The revolutionarys bowed, smiling bloody smiles.

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Hello! I just want to make sure you are finished with your application. I notice that you still say it's a WIP, but you seemed to have finished all the information on the application. Please let me know. : ) 

Also, feel free to join in our discord server to talk with members and staff. If the link does not work for joining I will send you a link.

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Hi, thanks for looking over my application! I have it as a WIP still because I applied for a plot position, and some of the information in the application is relevant to that. I didn’t want to have the character accepted until I can be sure all of the information on here is accurate. I figured I’d either take the WIP off if my plot position application is accepted, or if I don’t get the plot position, change some of the information. If this is the wrong way to do things, tell me what to do to fix it and I will. Thanks again!

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