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Dasdiri [WIP]

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Character's Name:Dasdiri Blackhand

Nicknames: Diri/Dee

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Conquest Demon

Frost magic: Diri can only claim aptitude of magic relating to cold and ice. Mainly she can cause ice to form along walls or the ground in a small area outward from herself to potentially freeze people or objects down, or alternatively form short blades for use as daggers should she be without other weappnry.

The fist: Diri’s slightly larger left hand has thicker, tougher skin and stronger nails than her other, and the entire arm’s muscle is more dense than her right. What this means in practice is that she can deliver a nasty left hook or rake an opponent’s flesh, or defensively use her forearm to “catch” lighter weapons if there is nothing else she can do to mitigate the blow.

Combat potency (or lack thereof?): As far as demons go, Diri is rather weak. She lacks intimate knowledge of blades or any weapon in particular. So in a head on fight she might be wanting for experience but if the enemy is unsuspecting, whether it be by stealth or convincing a body that she means no harm she can put her anatomy knowledge to use in mere moments

Appearance: Diri‘s normal form has many visible markers of her race, be it the pitch black horns atop her head or her long, Y tipped tail. Along with these immediately noticeable features comes her ghostly pale skin, which is accented in some areas by purple markings.

Her face is naturally somewhat round or oblong, with full enough cheeks to give off a “cute” vibe if she isn’t making an effort to look otherwise. She has eyes with slit-like pupils bordered by red, and full lips. Depending on how the light hits it her hair can seem black or purple.

in terms of shape Diri is of a short and lean build, standing at 5’1 before her horns are factored in.


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