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Flora of Antarsia

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Snumbus' Carpet (lapides sacculi herbium)


When first encountered, if it has not captured any prey, it appears as a bed of grass, though a telltale sign of this being Snumbus' carpet ahead of any grass is a weird "Ridge" around the outside of it, and the lack of any other grass in the immediate area. While closed around any pray, it appears as a multi-segmented sack, with a Bunch near the top.


Snumbus' carpet, when it senses any pressure on top of itself, closes up tight with incredible speed, trapping whatever unfortunate soul has wandered in. The wall is extremely durable, being incredibly tough to open, leaving you with a stronger danger of asphyxiation than being able to cut yourself free. however, It recoils from high heat, leaving Fire-elemental users with a clear advantage.


While generally considered a weed, even this has it's uses. If properly cultivated, dried, and treated, This becomes a popular bag, being nearly impervious to cuts and tears.

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