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Haliea: 25th day

Anippe's Journal of Culinary Discoveries
What delicious dishes do we discover today?
07-25-2017, 11:02 AM
Log 13
Days traveled, 152
Weather, Hot.

Today, I have discovered what may truly be the most important piece of man-beast cuisine ever. 

I traveled south along the main roads toward Xira, but I am not quite there yet. After what felt like a long trek along the outer rim of the Nkazon Desert, I've finally returned to stable footing and less direct heat. My issue is the humidity, making my fur stand up on edge. My feet aren't able to carry me as far in this muggy climate, and I have settled in the outer edges of Yfarsal City. The city is... Strange.

When I asked a young lady where to find the market district, I was told that there are no districts, and that I would simply have to wander should I need to find housing or food. I only had a few copper for lodging and asked if there was any work to be done, and she only gave me a smile and a set of directions. I have reason to believe that woman was a Kitsune, as she sent me directly to a seedy brothel in the far corners of the city. Applying there is not exactly my idea of a fair occupation.

After a bit of wandering, I encountered a market salesman throwing away produce. Curious, I asked if I could take it off his hands. He said they were overripe and bad, I would not enjoy them, but still handed me an entire armful of soft fuzzy fruits. There were tiny, bright pink ones that reminded me of a woman's behind. It felt nice to rub my cheek against them, until one of them began oozing flesh and juice from pressing too firmly... When biting into it, the bits of flesh that were unspoiled were very delicately sweet, but the overripe bits reminded me of vinegar. Perhaps, when I have more money to spare, I would come back and buy out that man's produce stand. 

As I tried to find some semblance of housing, I grew weary and reverted back to my beast shape, as moving a large Humanoid body takes its toll on me. I have discovered that in cities full of humans, I am able to get many handouts by playing down my ferocity. In the evening, I discovered a family eating outdoors, and I began to rest within sight of the small child in their group.

"Mommy, can I feed the kitty?" Yes. My favorite words. I am a good kitty. I flopped onto my side and began purring for the small child, gently sticking out the tip of my tongue--for whatever reason this drives humans wild. The mother warily placed a dish next to me of a thick creamy liquid. I chirped in response and saw a wry little smile creep up on her face. The child gave me very rough pats on the head, at one point I felt my eyelids being pulled back from the force of these strokes. 

"It's potato-leek stew," he told me.
I had never had a potato, nor a leek, nor a stew. 

I will always crave potato-leek stew for the rest of my life. 
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