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Haliea: 25th day

[M] Until Silence Is Broken
08-04-2018, 11:13 PM
Razor smiled at his chosen mate. The smile was haunted. What he had heard worried him, but he had to go himself. She wouldn't talk to anyone he sent. "Mileani sent for me. She wants to talk to me about something on an island off the coast of her Kingdom. I have to personally go as she will not talk to anyone but me," he told her looking at her with sad eyes. "I don't want to leave you though... Would you like to come with me? I can post a guard to stay near you if you needed to feel safe. I would just need to talk to the house servants and find a sitter for Vion until we returned."

Slowly he walked into the room and nodded towards her. "You can come if you want.. I don't want leave you and I won't make you stay here without me. We should be back within a day tops so it won't be too bad either way."

"Just let me know what you want...." He stopped at the side of the bed and leaned down to gently kiss her. "It is your choice."
08-04-2018, 11:38 PM
She could tell something was wrong. While he normally didn't smile too much, his normally were genuine towards her but something was different about this one. He wasn't as good about hiding his feelings when he was around her, or maybe it was being in his bedroom. Regardless, something was bothering her beloved more than usual. The last thing the female expected was to be invited to go to another kingdom for royal matters. Never had he even brought up the subject with her or even allow her to leave the castle without his explicit permission and that was within their own kingdom. What changed?

The female leaned into their kiss all too happy to have her mate back at her side as her mind whirled with what he was asking of her. His proposition... It was odd. Lia nuzzled back at her mate as she let this noses rub gently against each other as a soft purr came from her throat. Oh how she loved these small moments. "Are you sure it would be safe for us?" A hand dropped to her stomach, anxious about the life that was forming inside her. She could feel a small bump appearing... or was it just her imagination? No one had commented to say she was showing, but no one was also foolish enough to tell Razor's mate that she was getting fat for fear of what would happen to anger the new mother. Maybe she wasn't showing... but could they smell it? No... Razor and her hadn't known until doctors had said something. Her understanding was that Mileani and Razor were civil enough... Things shouldn't be too bad, right?

"...I'll come with you love. I should get used to this anyways, right? Being your mate and all," she purred as she leaned in once more for another kiss. "Anything for you my dear. We can make a small vacation out of it, even if it's for diplomatic affairs." She could get out for once... And with her love of all people. What could go wrong?
08-14-2018, 08:57 PM
He smiled at her and kissed her cheek softly. "I'll take you to a safe spot near where the meeting is. No one will know of you being there so you won't have to worry about being hurt. It'll be on the opposite side of the island from the meeting, but there will be a beach for you to play on and soak up some sun," his tone was soft as he spoke to her. He wanted her to know he wanted to please her, but he knew even taking her would make the other leader itchy. He'd just keep her from the meeting place and allow her to soak up some sun and try to let her have fresh air. Razor knew how much she really wanted to see the sun and feel the air in her hair. 

The King smiled softly as he kissed the top of her head. "Just please stay where I leave you and I will return to you after the meeting and we'll spend time together on this vacation. I will just be a bit distance from you. You will be safe... I promise," he mumbled against her forehead. "I promise I will never let anything hurt you."
11-30-2018, 09:59 PM
Lia nodded slightly as she let a small purr rumbled low in her throat at the idea of a vacation, no, of getting out of the castle. When had been the last time she was truly outside? For as much as she had grown fond of her new mate, he had kept her inside for most of her duration with him. Her new room had even been designed to bring the outside world inside. Even if he wasn't with her directly, he was trusting her to outside without him specifically by her side. There was no way she was going t ofuck that up anytime soon.

"I'll stay put like a good pup," she purred back at him as she snuck in another kiss. "Come join me when your meeting is over and we can spend some quality time together. Won't that be nice?" Her eyes looked up to lock into his own. The excitement and joy she had was easy to see inside those canary orbs as they looked for reassurance that this would happen. They would get to go on a small vacation and spend time together. Vaerath knew how much the King was busy and torn away from his growing family. At least this was something to tide her over until he had to disappear once more.

"We need to make sure Vion has a good sitter... And that he'll be okay without us.. Also his education and reading and..." The girl started to ramble off different tasks that needed to be completed if they were to both be gone; mainly addressing the youngest royal who she had grown fond of. He was as much of a priority as spending time with Razor was for while she loved children in general, there was still one child she had to make sure to win over if she was to be his new mother.
12-01-2018, 07:57 AM
Razor listened to her amused at how excited she was. It was like watching a child for a moment, but then he paused.  He realized he didn't think it childish, but it warmed his heart. He truly did have feelings for this woman. He smiled and cupped her face before kissing her on the lips.

"You'll make a fine mother," he whispered against her lips as he gave her another soft kiss. Pulling back just an inch he looked into her yellow eyes with his amber. "And do not worry, I'll make sure Vion is well taken care of and you can have a say in the sitter if you wish

"Lia do you want anything to take with us to keep you company while I attend the meeting?" It was an honest question. He wouldn't want her bored while she waited on him.
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