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Haliea: 25th day

Curse of the Wildblood
AKA the Children of Elesia
11-13-2018, 12:51 AM
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Name: Wildblood

Description: A creature who is inherently tied to the natural world; while they have an instinctive, incredibly powerful grasp of the four core magical elements stemming from their bond with the natural world and resulting knowledge thereof, all other forms of magic are all but impossible for them to attain. Most feel particularly drawn to one element above the others, but some prefer not to specialize more than they already must.

God/dess(es): Jiasna, Jackroth

Once, many ages ago, a human woman named Elesia made a pilgrimage to the shrines of her species’s patron deities. At the Shrine of Jackroth, she begged to be made closer to his sacred element of fire; when no change was made after several days of fasting, offerings, and prayer, she left for the Shrine of Jiasna. Several months passed before she finally stumbled into the shrine itself; once there, she fell to trembling knees and asked hoarsely for her goddess to change her, to make her closer to the blood of the world however she deemed fit.

Jiasna had heard from Jackroth about the woman who had come to his shrine. After a few hours of working out the details, the pair reached out and touched Elesia’s Vikta.

The touch changed Elesia. She screamed; the air trembled in response. The soft muscles of her throat tore, and her blood poured into her lungs; the blood was cool, soothing water. She lurched to her feet; the earth rose to meet her. She ran shaking fingers through thin, tangled hair; the hair burst into flame that did not sear her.

Elesia closed her eyes and thanked her gods for granting her prayers, not daring to speak in case the world reacted to it harmfully. When she finally stepped from the shrine, she was stunned as her senses opened to the motion of air as creatures passed through it, the tremors the ground-bound ones caused with each step, the current in the stream winding through her goddess’s shrine. Each wobbling step was a revelation; when her eyes closed again, she found they never again needed to open. She could already see clear as day.

She had a daughter by a dwarf; the child inherited most, but not all, of her mother’s attunement. This daughter had a son by a Kelahati; again, the child inherited a portion of this bond with the world. And so it went down the line, diluting gradually but spreading until it evened out. Those so attuned to the world around them were dubbed the Wildblooded - not fully people, not even close to beasts. Slowly, they retreated from others, content to live near to the wilds they had such an affinity for, where they had no trouble explaining themselves because they understood among one another that they simply did things differently. Even today, it isn’t uncommon to run into one in the wilder areas of any continent. Occasionally, one will venture back towards the rest of the sentient world - but the Children of Elesia always have and always will feel most at home among the elements.
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