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The Angel Leaders are all meeting to discuss the war. Read about the outcome Here!
Zombies? Undead?! No! What are these things?! They look.... Alive?! HERE.
A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
Oh no the queen! Head over to the Enkratis packlands to find out what happened HERE.
Disaster has struck at the Shrine of Jackroth! Find out what has happened to both oracle and God HERE.

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Kitchen Balance Scales are kitchen devices used to measure the weight of ingredients and other food. Kitchen scales are available in balance or spring models. A balance scale will give a more accurate reading than a spring scale. Using a scale will result in a more accurate measurement of the ingredients than by measuring it by volume.
Green Kitchen Scales are kitchen devices used to measure the weight of vegetables.
Hanging Vegetable Scale is a kitchen device used to measure vegetables, which uses the crane scale's hook to suspend vegetables.

digital balance is an essential tool for plastic container laboratories or online inspection workstations. This multifunctional unit features a digital display for accurate weight measurement for easy operation. Built-in RS-232 interface facilitates data transfer. This unit is ideal for partial weight and volume filling height measurement. High-precision weight measurement of containers and preforms for preform and/or bottle weight and filling measurement.
Digital Spring Scale weighs items where no flat, stable surface is available. These suspended scales hang from an overhead anchor point and have a hook to hold objects when determining weight. They weigh packages, fish and game, agricultural feed, and other items.
Digital platform scales are industrial scales that are designed to determine the weight of any object placed on top of them quickly and accurately. While balances are used for weighing smaller objects, digital platform scales can weigh much larger objects. Digital floor scales have the capacity to weigh objects up to 20,000 pounds. The mechanical versions of these scales have mechanical or dial beams. Their mechanical components include bearings and pivots on the sides of the scale and a sliding or spring dial. They can resolve weight increases of half a pound for every 1000 pounds of capacity.

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