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Hera’s Free Forum Icon Blowout!

Achera Offline


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In light of Antarsia’s takeoff, I am hosting an icon giveaway to all of our members! No you heard that right! This is your chance to get some custom art of your characters for free!

How do you participate you may ask? By being a member of course!

There are only a few requirements to request one from me. If you do not meet the requirements, I will look over your request!
  1. Must have been on the site for at least a month
  2. Must be active! This means you must be an active part of the community. This can be participating in events, the plot, or roleplaying with other members.

Please post below the form for what you would like. I will be doing them most likely in posting order, so the sooner you post the quickly I can get to it!

These will be bust-like/headshot pieces made for the forum. You may post more than one character if you do not know who you want and give me free reign or you can fill out multiple forums and I will just pick one. Everyone will only receive one avatar! So if you post let’s say 5 characters, I will only make an avatar for one. These MUST be Antarsia characters! Why? Because this is for the site after all!

Your Name: (discord name if you use it please. Example: I use Achera)
Character: (please link to their page)
References: (Any artwork, FC, etc. If you have nothing, a general collection of images can help or just use text! I just prefer imagery xD)
A little description about your character’s personality:
Idea for icon: (if you have one)
Any important details:

If you're interested in my art style, my gallery can be found here.

So what are you waiting for? Post below!

Andromeda Offline


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Your Name: sordid-justice#6617
References: ?
A little description about your character’s personality: she is very mistrusting can can come off as cold, but is very loyal and protective
Idea for icon: Not really D8 surpriseeee mee
Any important details: NOPE! you can just message me

Kila Offline

Sphinx Queen

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Website Find
Your Name: FriedKilamari ;o
Character: Charlie
References: The only art I have of her can be found on her page, which is link-lonked above ;v;
A little description about your character’s personality: Friendly (for a demon), eager to prove herself, playful, confident
Idea for icon: I trust your judgement because you're fab~
Any important details: Naaaaaaah



Your Name: Phessy (Phessy#6371 on Discord)
References: Wolf form & Human form
A little description about your character’s personality: Independent, thievish, apathetic, loyal, blunt, and impatient 
Idea for icon: Wolf form should be growling or snarling while the human is just annoyed or not showing any emotions. 
Any important details:

Aquarius Offline

Famine Demon Lord

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Your Name: Aquarius
References: (check profile for image in base form, haven't made true form yet, if you like you can do it)
A little description about your character’s personality: calm, demonic, wicked, excessively insane
Idea for icon:  do what yah can my friend!
Any important details: Black tattoos on his face

thatguy Offline


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Threads: 5
Joined: Feb 2017
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Your Name: ThatGuy#2029
References:, his husband Ragnar
A little description about your character’s personality: Sweet, gentle, kind
Idea for icon: He and Ragnar snuggling, or him looking like a knight on horseback
Any important details: if Ragnar and Theo could be drawn together that would be great

Fluffyspuds Offline

Mumther of foxes

Posts: 13
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Your Name: Fluffyspuds#1570
References: [not depicted too well but he's got them lil' mutton chops]
A little description about your character’s personality: Very full of himself - also a momma's boy
Idea for icon: uhhhh go ham ;o

King Fury Offline


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Your Name: Mikel
References: Something sorta like this, though changes are possible:
A little description about your character’s personality: confident, aloof.
Idea for icon: Just in human form.
Any important details: Go nuts



Your Name: Nightmare

A little description about your character’s personality:
Verdiana is half of Gemini and typically the dominant personality among the two halves. She is analytical, serious and somewhat aloof most times although is less so around those she is familiar with. She has somewhat of a superiority complex and despite being only Human believes herself to be better than most others around her.

Her soft side is usually reserved for dealing with her other half, though shows that she is capable of compassion and understanding despite a somewhat sour disposition at times.

It is important to mention she is not outright rude ir hostile towards others despite what she thinks of them and will often keep her opinions to herself unless provoked as she has no problems with manipulating others if it comes to that.

Idea for icon: Anything is fine!
Any important details: i got nothin.



Your Name: Mace
A little description about your character’s personality: Well... Right now he is a bit grumpy as he just was released from his 6,000 year prison... So he will probably have more of a taciturn expression on his face.
Idea for icon: He will look rugged, yet majestic, like he just finished working in the forge.
Any important details: Nah, just work your magic~

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