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Hi there, I'm Jojo!

I'm a 21 year old dude and I heard about this website from Cass, who encouraged me to join because "ALL THE LORE, JOOB"
I've never actually roleplayed with any of my characters, and I've always had an aversion to it because I'm dyslexic, but with a lot of gentle throwing this website at my face, Cass was able to convince me that this place is friendly for all levels of RPers. I'd love to jump into it with anyone who's willing to be patient with me responding. You can click to find my character here!

I wanted to go to school to become an illustrator, but due to a lot of bumps in the road, I couldn't afford to go to college, and right now I'm working part-time to hopefully get back on my feet! I hope to one day work on the manufacturing/developing end of pharmaceuticals, but that's a stretch goal. My current realistic goal is to hopefully just move up in the company I'm working with right now, and to get a puppy! I live with my fiance, a few of my best friends, and a whole load of animals!

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Hi Jojo! Welcome to Antarsia!!!!
We are more than accommodating to everyone and I'm sure there are people willing to be patient with you! I definitely can't wait to start roleplaying with you as well. Either way, welcome again!

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Website Find

soon the entire house will be here and we shall rule the site. Bwahahaha >O

If you need anything answered you know where to find me (literally)

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So nice to meettttt you! I'm happy to see you joined and can't wait to see you write. Don't worry sometimes I get my letters and numbers mixed up. my manager teases me all the time for it. We are so happy to meet you and have you on board. : )

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