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Dagna Sunhair, Queen of Lions

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[Image: Z0INWqj.png]

Character's Name:

Dagna Sunhair


Queen of Lions, The Lioness of the Sun, Lady of the Mountain Hold








Enhanced Strength and Endurance - Dagna, like all dwarves, is physically powerful. Though being of royal blood she's even stronger than your average dwarf. Capable of lifting things far heavier than herself, it's said she can easily fend off a swipe of a dragon's claw or tail, or so the stories go. While not very fast she has great endurance, and can keep up a steady pace for leagues. Some may find her brutish for her strength, but Dagna has great control over it, and isn't above showing off to make a point. She's buff, she's tough, but most importantly she's not rough.

Metallurgy - Dagna has some degree of control over metal. This is particularly useful when she's at the forge, using her magic to get the metal to bend to her will in just the right way. While primarily used for smithing Dagna has been known to fling knives at her enemies, or stop an incoming blade. Controlling larger objects can prove difficult, as magic doesn't always come naturally to her.

Stone Sense - Born of the mountains Dagna can sense vibrations through rock and earth as if it were another sense of hers; and in a way it is. She can gather how large something is, how close it is, and which way it's traveling all based upon the feedback she gets from the earth beneath her feet. While she can sense groups of people it's difficult to tell how many there are. Being so attuned to the earth, Dagna is difficult to take by surprise, and can even sense tremors before they happen.

Smithing and Enchantment Crafting - Like all dwarves Dagna is exceptionally good at smithing, though what takes her above and beyond is her ability to weave enchantments into the very metal she's working with. Flaming swords, ice arrows, staves of luck--you name it, she can enchant it, though the effectiveness of the enchantment comes from the materials used while crafting. Better materials yield better results, and Dagna is known for hoarding whatever she can get her hands on.

Weapon Finesse - Dagna is an expert in all manner of weapons. She prefers her war hammer, Solrender, but can easily take to all manner of other weapons, with the exception of bows and arrows. She much prefers crossbows, and tinkering with them, but her aim isn't always the best. Her favorite weapons are those wielded with two hands, and while she can easily wield them with one, the second adds extra kick.

Armor of Fire Resistance - Dagna forged her own armor, and enchanted it to resist fire. Even the fabric can withstand the heat, and so she can boldly walk through flames and strike fear into the hearts of her enemies.

Solrender - The family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation, is an enchanted weapon that shatter diamonds and other tough materials. In addition to its toughness, Solrender can become a flaming weapon when the appropriate incantation is spoken: Sotu'ren. Only the one in possession of Solrender knows the incantation, as the spirit within the weapon tells it to the wielder.


Steadfast - Like the mountains in which she makes her home, Dagna is unwavering in everything. Her convictions are her law, and she will not stray from them. She is dedicated to this discipline, and will not budge when challenged. As queen, her word is law, and few dare challenge her. Thankfully for her people, Dagna does everything she does for the greater good of her people, and has a well guided moral compass to show her the way. 

Cunning - While some are born with wit the innate ability to outsmart others this was something Dagna had to learn in order to orchestrate her coup d’etat. This was forged through the fires of the dwarven noble court, where the walls have eyes and ears are everywhere. A well placed compliment can just as easily sway a mind as threat of violence, and Dagna has learned well when the utilize both. Much of the court’s machinations are known to this shrewd leader, and unbeknownst to many are put in motion by her very hand. And if she has to get her hands dirty, by all means she will.

Thoughtful - Dagna walks a path that requires a delicate hand and a sharp mind. As such every political decision is carefully weighted. Will the good outweigh the bad? The queen often seeks the advice of those closest to her, and has even been known to seek the perspective of those well outside her kingdom. She sees herself as a servant to her people, and though she may be above them in station Dagna wishes nothing more than to guide her flock into an era of peace and prosperity.

Serious - Not one to joke about or partake in frivolity, Dagna has earned a reputation of all work and no play. Even her leisurely activities serve a purpose; repairing weapons and armor, taking stock, reading old treatises, and the likes. This isn’t to say she has no sense of humor, it’s just buried deep within and rather macabre. There are better things to do than play around when the weight of an empire rests on one’s royal shoulders.

Benevolent - In spite of her bloody takeover Dagna is a kindly ruler. She values the wellbeing of her people and strives to treat all within her society as equals. Her taxes are fair, and while they help line the royal coffers they also help towards maintaining public infrastructure, feeding the poor, and other necessities. Ever level headed, Dagna is a queen with a plan for everything she can think of, from invasion to famine, all for her people.

Passionate - Dagna is as fiery as the sun she takes her title from. While her passions are subdued they are in no doubt present. Prone to stirring inspirational speeches there is no doubt that she cares deeply for her kingdom. She’s often down in the barracks helping to train the newest recruits, which not only bolsters their morale but ensures Dagna that her army is in tip-top shape. Her feelings are strong, though well contained behind the stoic royal mask she must wear.


Dagna was born the youngest of four siblings. With three older brothers she was never seen as a contender for the throne, given the right of succession, but Dagna thought otherwise. As soon as she was old enough to entertain court she began plotting. She knew her brothers were warmongers, and while that alone wasn't a bad thing, their foolishness was. She feared their follies would drive their people into a corner against the dragon threat, and so Dagna began to study. Weapons, smithing, politics; whatever she could learn she did. And then she began to sow seeds of dissent against her brothers. She made herself invaluable to other court nobles, earning their good graces.

The advisors were particularly fond of her wit and attentiveness, and one by one she began to win them over. By the time her father died, a well aged and well liked king, Dagna had the majority of court in her pocket. Even her subjects loved her, for while her brothers were out strutting about like stuffed peacocks, Dagna spoke to the people and listened to their problems. She was truly the heart of the dwarven people.

On the day of her eldest brother's coronation, he entered the throne room to find Dagna sitting there, the family's ancestral weapon at her side.

"What is the meaning of this, Dagna?" he cried in an outrage, joined by his two brothers.

"You are unfit to rule, dear brother, so I'm taking the throne."

Her brother's outcries fell on deaf ears; Dagna's allies scoffed at him, and those she had not yet swayed waited to see who the victor would be before pledging their support. And so a battle for the throne began...

Or so it would have, if Dagna had not foreseen her brother's actions. With a snap of her fingers she had the guards subdue all three of her brothers, and publicly executed the eldest before the court, the blade falling by her own hands.

While his body was carted away, Dagna turned to her remaining brothers and said, "If you ever attempt to betray me again, you shall be next."

And with that Dagna took the throne, her brothers and remaining court pledging fealty to her.

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