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Character Adoptions

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We understand, character adoptions are lots of fun; however, to prevent drama and complications, there are a few rules and guidelines we feel we need to make clear.

1. All forum and site rules apply.

2. The creator will decide who gets the character, and they do not need to state a reason; it is something that they created, and therefore have the right to decide what to do with.

3. That being said, any character that has been adopted out CANNOT be taken back by the creator, UNLESS the adopter of said character decides to give it back, or rule 6 is broken. This means as the creator, think carefully about adopting out characters, because once they are given away, you cannot ask for them back, even if the adopter becomes inactive.

4. Along the same lines, just because you created a character does not give you rights to what that character does after it has been adopted out. Once that character is given away, it is no longer yours to control, and therefore you should not be telling the adopter how the character is supposed to act.

5. However, if a creator has stated explicitly before the adoption that a character is to have a certain name, relations, etc, adopters should respect the creator's rules and the terms of adoption. If the adopter alters something that was agreed upon before the adoption, the creator may contact a staff member and the character may be returned to the creator, depending on the circumstances.

6. Creators are free to add rules to the ones stated here, as long as the terms of the adoption are made very clear and rules are not changed after the adoption takes place.

Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience for everyone. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to PM a staff member

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