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Character Creation Rules

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Have an idea for a character and all you need to do is make that character thread? Make sure you are familiar with these rules before creating a character to use in the forums; we cannot approve any character applications that do not meet these rules.

1. All rules of the site and roleplay still apply here.

2. On the subject of last names:
  • Last names can be awarded to a character by an important entity, such as a God, Oracle, or Royal through a special ceremony
  • Last names can be inherited through family
  • A character may give themselves or make up a last name, but it is unofficial and will not be truly recognized
  • For most others, their last name is simply [father's name]son or they do not possess a last name.
3. Do not create a Mary Sue character; that is, your character cannot be absolutely perfect. Everyone has a weakness of some sort, and we wish to reflect that here.

4. Your character may not have abilities that allow them to godmod or powerplay over others. 

5. You may not create a God, Oracle, or Royal unless you have applied for and been accepted into a plot position. If you create one of these beings, your app will be rejected.

6. When posting a character app, please use the template we have provided in the Guidebook and in the character creation thread. You may add anything you want to to this form, but you may not take anything out of this form. Without it, we cannot approve your character!

7. If you host your character pages somewhere else, you still need to make a thread here, but all you need to do in your thread is link your character page. Please make sure your character page contains all the same information as that of the on-forums character application, and a mod will hop over to check it out as soon as possible!

Otherwise, go wild! We love to see what you can come up with! Be as creative and original as you want, and have lots of fun!

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