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The Lonely Wastes

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The blizzard was over, and the sun was rising. Soon the temperature would begin to rise slowly, but never warm enough to melt the snow. Instead it would gleam off the surface making the snow appear like small crystals that lay as a blanket around the land. Almost blinding on a clear sky, but today the sunlight was weak after the storm. It felt more like a moonlight, but brighter. No heat seemed to touch the land today.

A wolf walked across the snow, her horns impressive for the size of her head and little red orbs floated around her body. Her eyes were red with no whites, and her pupil wide with the rising light still being so weak. Her coat was shades of grey with black markings and her claws ruby red. Steam came from her nostrils as she exhaled. Her eyes glowing slightly with power as she shook some snow from her pelt that fell so softly just after the blizzard. It had been clear for a little bit now, and the world on the waste To her left she saw smoke began to rise and she stopped, tilting her head. Who or what was out here besides her. This weather was unforgiving to say the very least in the Northern Waste.

Her ears flickered as she listened for sounds before making her way over to the fire. A small figure was there eating and her nose flared a bit at the smell. "Greetings traveler," she called to the nymph. Her ears perked forward as her front claws dug into the ground a bit. "What brings you out here? Are you alone?"

Red eyes scanned the Nymph searching for answers and something else.

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