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Sparx’s Thread Search

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Hey y’all this is where I’m going to keep a list of characters I’m looking for and a short blurb about them to attract rp partners with


James- a young dragon exploring the world on his own for the first time. He’s very friendly and social, if a bit mischievous with a small case of sticky fingers. He’s curious and has little experience with others so he’s pretty open to anyone. He’s a dragon so he can be anywhere

Cyrus- a very intelligent, nerdy human/elf mage. He’s very awkward and nervous but eager to learn, teach, and study, so you can either throw characters with similar interests at him or throw him in a locker. He’s currently in the Sphinx city Eden so anywhere in that area works for him.

Iris- a feisty deer bellonese girl. She’s a travelling florist who lives in Xira. Despite being a hothead, she’s pretty sweet and likes to meet new people.

Kamilo- a thieving young kitsune who likes to play pranks and get into trouble. He tends to get in over his head a lot. He’s in Xira.

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