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"OH! No it's certain fine, don't worry about it, we'd just taken down a deer together... I can only assume the both of us would be tired from it," he chuckled lightly, his body soon followed beside her own, "yes I would certainly enjoy that. We would have much more energy after a deserved rest. It would surely make exploring all the better, doing it alone wouldn't be as fun." Which was true, it was always nicer to explore the world around you with another; experience things you'd never seen together rather than apart.

"Huh... I honestly hadn't thought about that much," he chuckled softly to himself, "I suppose there are plenty of places we'd never been before, though we would still need to be wary of our pack's border. Damn though, I do wish to know what's on the other side."

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"I don't wish to know.. I'm afraid to know especially with what they say about the other wolves that live there, " she said softly as she walked. "You've see the battle wounds they inflicted on some of our own I'm sure. They're not friendly and I don't want to meet one.... I feel as if they would love to meet me..." However the way she said that made it clear the thought scared her and she didn't believe their intentions were pure. They were a pack of evil from what she knew and she could almost feel them encircling the pack as it was. She didn't wanna give them a reason to come.

Her fur rose as the fear creepied into her heart. "Do you think they're evil as they say? The other pack I mean..."

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