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Name: Azel

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf, Enkrati

Abilities: Capable with water magic, but tries to make a point of doing things without it. Much better with healing, which she doesn’t shy from using when she sees good reason to.

Appearance: Small and relatively slight at 4’5”, Azel has a thick coat of light grey fur with silvery paws. Her eyes are a clear, bright blue, though they do have the occasional darker fleck. She moves with grace, padding along quietly, but her speed is admirable when she chooses to use it in full.

Personality: Azel is quiet, but hardly shy. She does what she feels needs doing without fuss, be it hunting, teaching a pup, or standing guard. However, if she considers something to be wrong, Azel will not hesitate to speak up about it, even if she seems to be the only one to notice. She is nigh-endlessly patient at the best of times, but once that patience runs out, expect a bite to the snout - or something equally painful.
Azel also has the interests of the pack at heart, and she believes that the best way to keep the pack strong is to keep the pack together. If she sees a struggling packmate, she will offer assistance, regardless of the issue.

Roleplay Sample:

Azel sighed mentally as she stared down a particularly uncooperative pup. Really, there was no need to snarl at her for trying to teach him the basics of hunting quietly, was there? It was a necessary skill.
“I’m not scared of you!” he growled, bristling with anger.
“Of course you aren’t. If you were, you wouldn’t be arguing with me in that tone of voice. However, you might keep in mind that the purpose of this lesson is quiet. Growling at me will scare off any nearby prey, and who will be without food tonight if that happens?”
The pup quieted some as he thought of going to sleep with an empty belly. He then turned around and trotted into a clump of bushes, seeming to snap every twig along the way deliberately.
Azel shook her head. He would come around eventually.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within two weeks, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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