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Name: Ximena
Gender: Woman
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Bee Hummingbird Kelahati
Age: 18

14 Lbs.

Ximena is an extremely diminutive and shapely woman, with a feminine, pear-shaped figure. She has a very plump and protruding rear, which is quite distinct; even at her size. Her hair is white and is styled in a series of braids and two pigtails, which lay just above her wings, which are the same color as her hair.

Ximena has a tan skin tone with bright, golden undertones. Her lips are the most distinctive part of her face, which are excessively plump and are normally coated dark magenta. Ximena has a heart-shaped facial profile. She has round cheeks and big, doll-like eyes with cyan irises.

Ximena’s wings (Cc) are over twice her height in wingspan. They are the same color as her hair and are shaped exactly like hummingbird wings. Her bones are hollow, which is the primary reason for her low weight.

In her bee hummingbird form, Ximena has dark grey wings, with an iridescent pattern along the sides.


Ximena is hyperactive and restless. She is an extreme workaholic, preferring excessive physical training and sex to rest and recovery. However, in the arena, she is patient and situationally aggressive fighter. In conversation, she can be awkward and flirtatious, to a sometimes uncomfortable extent.


Ximena is a fast, skillful, and athletic flyer who fly at speeds that exceed 30 miles per hour, and dive at speeds that exceed 60 miles per hour. She can hover and fly laterally, vertically, perpendicularly, and upside down. Ximena maintain flight for up to three hours, before tiring herself out.
Ximena can maintain her balance on extremely narrow surfaces, on account of her low center of gravity and relatively low weight.
Ximena can see ultraviolet light in her humanoid and hummingbird form, thereby seeing more color than normal human vision. Her vision is capable of processing objects moving at high speeds, granting her the ability to fly at top speeds through cramped spaces; which would otherwise pose to her a severe risk of crashing.
In spite of her size, Ximena is a skilled and powerful fighter. She survived two years as a gladiator, developing her already honed skills further in live combat.
Ximena can shift into the form of a bee hummingbird.

Ximena was born to an impoverished mother, who sold one of her twin daughters to a gladiator company as a baby. The company sought to train fighters with unorthodox abilities such as flight, so that they could generate revenue from their fights. From the day she could walk, Ximena was trained as a fighter for the company. During her training, Ximena developed a talent with sword and spear, utilizing weapons such as the estoc, short sword, rapier, shamshir, spear, and javelin. She became skilled in fighting with a shield when she built the strength to maintain flight while utilizing one simultaneously.

Ximena was entered in her first fight at the age of sixteen, surviving a contest that was an apparent mismatch by the event organizers. She continued to fight, train, and survive in the arenas for two more years before she paid off the final years of her contract.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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