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Name: Valeria
Gender: Woman
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Singapura Cat Kelahati
Age: 18

85 Lbs.

Like the singapura cat that she takes after, Valeria is small and petite, although not without curves or feminine features. She has a defined and toned hourglass figure, with a particularly prominent rear, thick thighs, and a full chest.

Her skin tone is a light tan shade. She has short brown hair that she wears in a bob cut that covers her left eye and frames her face. In her human form, Valeria possesses a set of cat ears at the top of her head, which match the color of her hair. In addition, her human form has a long cat tail located at the small of her back, which is also the same color as her hair.

Valeria has an round profile. Her brown eyes are quite distinctly large and doe-like. She has a small nose and full, feminine lips that are normally painted dark magenta.

Her ears are the same color as her hair, and they have sensitive, pink insides lined with white hair. They are located on the top of her head. Her tail is proportionally long and thick. The hairs on her tail start light at the base before turning dark brown at the tip.

In her singapura cat form, Valeria has a dark brown overcoat and a light brown undercoat, which is located on her chest, muzzle, and chin. The irises of her eyes are brown and her form is small, yet muscular.


Valeria is conscientious, quiet, and submissive. With little in the way of family or friends at the temple, Valeria became introspective and paranoid. To illustrate, Valeria easily attaches to individuals who show her positive attention. As such, she can become dangerously dependent on a single individual.


Valeria can see well in low light conditions and total darkness.
Valeria is a highly skilled and well-trained, although untested martial artist. She is highly proficient with a large ring blade and a set of throwing knives.
Valeria is a dazzling and impressive athlete. Even with the natural advantages to agility, balance, flexibility, and leaping afforded to her by her singapura cat heritage, her athleticism is nigh-preternatural. Firstly, Valeria is extremely agile and quick. Her lateral movements are graceful and nigh-instantaneous. She is also able to generate a great deal of elastic strength, making her an exceptional sprinter, jumper, and lifter.
Valeria can shift into the form of a singapura cat. In this form she has a dark brown overcoat and a light brown undercoat, which is located on her chest, muzzle, and chin.


Valeria was born and destined for a life in the martial arts temple. She never knew her parents or close family, having simply been left at the her temple’s foundling wheel as a baby. As soon as she was old enough, Valeria began formal martial arts training at the temple. She trained for the entirety of her childhood, strengthening her body and developing her martial arts skills under the guidance of her teachers.

At the age of eighteen, Valeria left the temple and began a quest...

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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