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[Image: gsA6xk7.png]

Name: Faexis
Age: 18
Gender: Woman
Species: Eryn Gnome

24 Lbs.

Like all of her species, Faexis is diminutive and small. In spite of her diminutive height, Faexis’s physical profile is highly feminine, ample, and thick. The most distinctive features of her form include her plump and protruding rear, thick thighs, and an overly large bosom.

Faexis has dark brown skin with warm, golden undertones. She normally wears her cyan hair in a vertical and tall ponytail. Her hair frames a heart-shaped facial shape, with wide cheekbones, an angular jawline, and a pointy, but not overly prominent chin. Her green eyes are very wide set and doe-like, framing a delicate nose and distinctively plump lips.

Faexis has long, elf like ears. Her eyebrows are semicircular (11) shaped and are of a darker cyan shade than her hair.


Faexis has a fiercely loyal and vacuous personality. Although disciplined, she rarely thinks things through and often takes orders literally. Faexis is motivated by her desire to please her superiors through any means necessary. She has little in the way of goals (as of yet), although she craves praise material and rewards. As a hard-working young woman, she has a habit of overworking herself to the point of exhaustion, to the detriment of her health. She is also somewhat doting and touchy-feely, often to a disturbing and highly sexual extent.

Faexis is patient and cool-tempered, although prone to anger when she feels deprived of material rewards or acclaim.


Faexis is a natural and well-trained athlete. She is incredibly fleet of foot, agile, and graceful. However, she is also a strong and high leaper, with the ability to leap to heights over six times her size.
Faexis is proficient in telekinesis. However, she can not manipulate the movements of external objects that weigh more than she could carry herself.


Faexis has no memory of her past. She was brainwashed in a freak accident by an untrained mage, and as a result ran from her family and friends, quickly finding herself homeless and lonely. Although Faexis retained her practical knowledge and language skills, she has no memory of her past life, family, or friends, to the point where she does not realize that she was brainwashed.

Roleplay Sample:

Faexis woke up with a violent shudder, her body convulsing and shaking with nervous energy. She took a few cursory glances around at her surroundings, which were pitch black and cloaked under darkness. As she sat up on her bed, the Gnomish woman pondered how she had arrived at the bed in the first place. It was then that the few memories that she had came rushing back into thought.

Only a few hours before, she had been surrounded by individuals who had called her family. She had been referred to as "Faexis" and was fed dinner after the episode. Her "family" had been talking to her quite frantically the entire time, repeating their names and her own name. She had learned the names of most of them, but many had escaped her. However, the ugliness began when she realized that she was already supposed to know the names of everyone there.

There had been a massive verbal altercation, targeted at one particular member of the "family". In the meantime, Faexis had been sent to bed. A woman called "Venroe" had sung to her before she fell asleep, saying that the song had been her favorite when Faexis was a little girl. In truth, Faexis did find the song to be comforting and lulling. However, it did little to alleviate her discomfort at being surrounded by faces who claimed to be her family, of whom she had no recollection of.

Thinking these events over and more, Faexis stepped out of bed and walked slowly out of the bedroom. Clad in little more than a shift dress, she entered the room where the argument had taken place. It was empty now, with everyone having gone to bed, evidently tired from the events that occurred. She explored the house for a few minutes, entering the kitchen, commons areas, and closets. After exploring, she returned to the room where she had woken up before.

After fumbling in the dark for a few moments, Faexis lit the candle on her bedside, granting her a small measure of visibility. It was just enough for her to enter her own closet and to see a collection of clean clothes, a backpack, a few towels, and some cash. These were the possessions that Venroe had said belonged to Faexis, and no one else.

If they were hers, could she take them?

It was not a difficult question to resolve. Setting the candle down, Faexis took the backpack out of the closet, opened it, and began to stuff it with clothes, random possessions, and cash. She changed out of her shift dress and into a hooded black tunic with leggings underneath. After strapping on a pair of black boots, Faexis sealed and tied the backpack before securing it to her back. Faexis did not close the door behind her as she left her room, not wanting to disturb anyone's slumber. When she entered the kitchen, another question came to mind.

Was the food in the kitchen hers?

The "family" had fed her, free of charge the night before. She could not recall if they had done so before that. However, she had been allowed to eat as much as she had wanted during dinner, including second portions, dessert, and drink. The Gnome rationalized that she could take some food for herself as well. However, she took care not to take too much from the cabinets. She took just enough for a few nights on the road, and little more than that.

Once she left the kitchen, Faexis walked quietly around the large, maze-like house, searching for an exit of some kind. After searching for a few minutes, she found an exit. However, it took her a few more minutes to undo the complex locking mechanism on the door.

As she opened the door, her eyes were beset with an gray, early dawn sky. The sun was not out yet. However, there was a faint hint of orange in the distance, indicating that it's rise was imminent. Faexis stepped outside, closing the door behind her and staring out at the streets of the maze-like city. The streets were nearly deserted, with very few people active at this hour of the morning.

She did not know what awaited her outside of the house or the city itself. However, the reverse was true as well. Who were those people who had called her "Faexis", "daughter", "family", or "sister"? If anything, they were foreign faces, with the only similarity being in species and ethnicity. She had no compunctions about leaving. If anything, the house had felt more like a prison to her, in the few hours she could remember staying there. It was an easy decision, and one she was certain that she would not regret.

With fast and uncertain steps, Faexis walked away from the house and into the streets. She did not turn back.

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