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[Image: tumblr_oz7sc4Icc11sr8xnbo1_540.png]
(temporary human image)

Character's Name: James Cruor'lavaec
(Kroor-lah-vash; blood of lava)
Nicknames: Jamie

Age: 50 (Adolescent/Young adult)

Gender: Male

Species: Western Dragon/Phoenix hybrid

Fire. James has the ability to breathe fire.
Shapeshifting. As a dragon, James can shapeshift into a human form. With a bit more effort, he can create a half-human half-dragon appearance.
Strength. James possesses a great deal of physical strength, especially in his upper body. His arm-like wings are particularly powerful and can create great gusts of wind.
Endurance. Built like a tank, James can take a lot of damage and persist. His body also stores a lot of stamina. Because of this, he has a great deal of endurance.

As a dragon, James looks more like a wyvern than a western dragon, due to his forelegs being wings. Overall, he is about the size of a large horse, with a wingspan twice as wide as his body is long. He is slightly slimmer than the average western dragon due to his phoenix blood, but his upper body is still very large and powerful, with a huge barrel chest. His legs are muscular but shorter than his arms, and his tail is long and thick. Big, squared spikes frame his face, which is long and angular. Along his spine he grows thin, sharp, and jagged black spikes that start from the back of his head and end at the tip of his tail. Flame-colored feathers grow along the sides of his neck, under his jaw, on his brows, on his heels, and at the tip of his tail.

Like a wyvern, James' arms and wings are the same limbs. His wings are leathery and formed with his third and fourth "fingers", which are elongated and clawed at the tip. His thumb and first and second fingers are still mostly useful as hands when he is sitting or standing upright. On the ground, he is primarily quadrupedal. Due to his size, his movement, including flight, is powerful but slow, and he has limited maneuverability.

James' scales are mostly red, with darker shades dappling his back. His lower jaw and underbelly are a pale yellow. The membranes of his wings are a dappled gradient of dark and light oranges. His big eyes are blue with white sclera.

As a human James retains a youthful appearance. He has recently hit one of his last growth spurts and currently stands at 5'11". As with his dragon form, he has a square and muscular build, with a particularly strong upper body. He weighs 155 pounds. His skin is a light tan with a variety of scars here and there.

James has a square face with a small bit of roundness left over from childhood. His hair is a dark ashy brown, cut short but still usually a mess. The patchy beginnings of facial hair line his jaw and upper lip, most too light to really notice. His large, round eyes are a deep blue, topped with thick brows. James has a long, straight nose. Even as a human, his teeth are somewhat long and pointy, as are his ears.

Regarding clothing, James does not have a particular style. He usually wears plain tunics, trousers, and boots, and occasionally cloaks, all a bit worn and often a bit too small. Unsurprisingly, his favorite colors to wear are shades of red and black, sometimes with yellow or orange accents.

Curious. James is very interested in learning and likes to explore new things and ideas. When he feels he can, he likes to ask a lot of questions. He especially likes to adventure to places he hasn't been to before, and experience different kinds of events.

Amiable. James' curiosity extends to people, as he likes to get to know others. He is generally very friendly and sociable, though due to a mostly isolated upbringing he is not the most adept at social interaction just yet. As he has not yet gotten used to interacting with people one-on-one or otherwise on a more intimate level, he prefers to socialize in groups and be surrounded by people so he can bounce off a lot of different personalities and ideas.

Acquisitive. Because he is a dragon, it is unsurprising that James is a little greedy and materialistic. He likes to collect things and is very drawn and attracted to anything valuable, or even just shiny. He likes to find things in his adventures, but also isn't always above swiping things he sees in towns when no one's looking. Because his father doesn't let him keep anything he brings home, he relishes the things he collects while he has them. It is common to catch him drooling over jewelry displays at markets.

Timid. Despite his otherwise outgoing personality, James is not very bold. He is hesitant to take the lead for anything or even challenge someone's opinions. When confronted, he is quick to back off, and he actively avoids any kind of conflict or things that could potentially lead to a conflict. Because of this, most of his interactions remain fairly shallow.

James was born in (insert mountain range here) as the second child of Blake Cruor'lavaec, a powerful western dragon, and Keira, a phoenix of fire and ice. His childhood was rocky as his father was cold and often violently abusive to the children and James' mother. As James grew older, his father exerted more and more control over him, ultimately forcing James to go out and collect things for his father's hoard, while James himself was not allowed to keep possessions. While James was still very young, his brother was disowned and cast out for being uncooperative, among other things, leaving James mostly alone in his situation.
To this day James still spends most of his time serving his father, though he spends as much time as he can exploring for himself.

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Congratulations! Your character has been approved <3

If his name isn't added to the character list soon, just poke staff and we'll get right on that!

my adorable son is finally here <3

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