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The Graveyard

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The night air blows through the woods, leaving a spine-chilling feeling through all who enter. As a gate comes into view, there lays the graves of the dead; each perfectly lined up in little rows. A crow caws from the top of the gate, signaling someone has come. As it caws once more, the avian flaps its wings to take off further into the graveyard. It soon lands nearby what appears to be... a massive crow! It sits perched on top of the large gravestone, though this bird is like no originally bird. In place of a face is a skull with no eyes and a few missing feathers.

"I see you have found me," The bird chimed with a crackle-like voice. "My mistress will be pleased to see you return those feathers. In exchange, you may take any of the items you see before you. The more valuable the prize, the more feathers it will require."


Welcome to the Graveyard!

Our feathered-friend as outlined the basis. I have tallied up everyone's current feather count and this is where everyone falls:

Andromeda: 4 black feathers
Gabriel: 71 black feathers
Kila: 18 black feathers
KokoPuffs: 22 black feathers (bought auto-plot position)
Sparx: 19 black feathers
Grain: 17 black feathers

The Graveyard

1 feather = 100 gold

10 feathers = Shop Item up to 1k £ 

20 feathers = Any Magical Item found in the Shop minus the Tear of Life.

30 feathers = Auto Plot Position. Your character will be accepted automatically if you apply for a plot position so long as staff doesn't see any problems with the app.

40 feathers = Simple shaded colored sketch from Hera. 

50 feathers = Create a royal from any species! (Excluding Tarsians)

60 feathers = chibi drawing or bust drawing from Hera of your character.

80 feathers = Any Shop Item currently offered.

90 feathers = a custom coded page from either Roma or Hera for your character or your site profile!

To redeem your feathers, just post below which item you would like!
The Graveyard will close at the end of the month to accommodate staff being sick.

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The bird have a small cackle as the visitor requested their item. "As you wish dear," it commented as it handed over the item towards the newcomer. In return, the bird took the 30 feathers as payment, leaving only 22 left in the visitor's stash. "If you want anything else, my mistress will be pleased to have the rest of this returned."

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Thank you for a great event. All unused feathers will be stored for next year.

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