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[Image: zagan_by_jangloo_dc0gilw-fullview.png?to...o43HlelnuU]

Character's Name: 









Demon- Terror


Shape Shifting- Like many other demon kind, Zagan is able to transform himself into three different species of animal; a Lynx, a Philippine Eagle, and a Python. Some forms he chooses for different thing, the Lynx, for example, is usually in snowy regions or the world or during winter times. 

Fear Illusion- He is able to create one's most hated fears into an almost realistic illusions using the black mist that come from his body, causing fear and panic in those unlucky enough to cross his path. 

Shadow Manipulation- Though not a skill he is very well versed in, he can use shadows to create various spooky shapes against walls, trees, ect. Zagan uses this to mess with people most of the time, always loving the sudden fear caused by them in others. 

True Form- only used when in dire situations and usually feels horrible as shit afterwards. 

Uncomfortable- Though not a magic ability of any sort, the man is naked from head to toe. If you show any instant of being uncomfortable with his nudity at any point when interacting with him, he'll try and make you even more so. This includes; jumping, hip rocking, squatting, or anything else that might make one cringe


Zagan can be quite the cocky man, he enjoys watching the fear in peoples eyes and causing them to panic; if for not reason other than his own enjoyment. Which probably makes him quite cynical in a way, as he most enjoys doing things when it comes to his own interests and beliefs. His taste for mischief and chaos are really the things that drive him in the world, knowing there is a lot of fear he can cause in the hearts of anyone he so desires. Young, old, man, woman, or child; it doesn't really matter. As long as the fear is in their eyes it's all he could ever hope for. 

Though when he's not tormenting poor souls, he is quite lazy most of the time; lounging about in any animal form or even just his base form. Can be found chilling in trees mostly, as he tries to find anything to keep himself busy with. He's playful in a way with those he finds himself liking, teasing then any way he can just for the hell of it. His standards of friendship are weird as well, usually because he enjoys bugging them. God help those poor souls that have to constantly see his junk hanging loose for the entire world to see. No shame, no shame. 


Zagan has hated clothes every since he was a child, always being forced to wear whatever his parents wanted him to; even if it was the stupidest thing in the very existence of the world itself. Out in public he would keep his clothes on as instructed, but as soon as he got him his parents had the hardest time keeping the clothes on him after that. 

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

I like his abilities ;o

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