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For a brief moment Charlie let herself relax in Riath's hug. Here, behind the closed doors of her bedroom, she was safe enough, and Riath had never wronged her. She'd been more like a mother than anyone else, and it meant so much to her. If only there was a way she could let the woman know...

Her arms wrapped around Riath just as briefly, her cheek pressed to her chest. "Thank you, Riath," she said softly before pulling away. "Your loyalty means a lot to me. There aren't many people I can trust..." The fledgling princess turned away and looked out the window once again.

"If you don't mind, though, I'd like to have some time to myself... I'm tired, and I feel like centering myself with my plants would do me some good."


"Not that kind of strength," said the priestess quickly. "Physical strength she has in plenty. It's well known she defeated General Pherae in combat." It was slight, but her voice tightened at the name, and was quickly gone. "I'm speaking of inner strength, My Lord. Strength of character and heart. The strength to weather storms, to bend and not break. The sort of strength found in nature; in water and bamboo.

How you achieve helping her in that is up to you, but know that we at the temple are always here to serve one who was hand chosen by Lord Vaerath." She bowed low and continued, "Feel free to meditate here as long as you need, Lord Vioroll. I have other matters to attend to, but I will ensure that you're left in peace."

With that the woman rose and left the room, where once clear of the demon lord's line of sight she brought a hand to the hidden pearl on her chest and sighed deeply, allowing the weight of her emotions to leave with her breath.

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Riath bowed her head and withdrew to the door. "I shall retrieve your supper, my lady. If you have further need of me, I will be within calling distance." She straightened up and stepped out the door. Only once it was securely closed did she let her tears fall.


Vioroll nodded and settled down to meditate. He cleared his thoughts as best as he could, but it was difficult with the information from his branded animals still coming in. After a minute, he gave up and began to just flit between their viewpoints, wondering what they were seeing.

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