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Ilios - The Blind Profit

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Art by Pixel-pup
Character page coming soon!

Character's Name:




Solar powered - Like all Sol'tera, Ilios is powered by the sun's rays. It's the source of his magic, as well as his strength, endurance, and speed. His connection to the sun is so great that he can even tell what time it is based on where the sun is, even while indoors. It makes for a neat party trick. He gets desperately weak when exposed to prolonged darkness.

Light magic - Ilios is adept with light magic, and wields it both offensively and defensively. He has a fondness for channeling his magic through the gem on his staff and using it to temporarily blind his opponents.

Enhanced Hearing - He has an even better sense of hearing than most Sol'tera, due in part to his self imposed blindness. In spite of this, Ilios doesn't have any difficulties moving about. He's adjusted to a life without sight, though he does bump into things on occasion (it's more often than he'd like to admit).

Clairvoyance - Ilios was gifted with another ability: being able to see into the future. His gift is so great that he can see the futures of everyone he makes eye contact with, and even worse is that these visions of the future constantly change and swirl about him. He can see the many different paths that time may take, and it's incredibly overwhelming for him. No amount of training has granted him any control--something he greatly resents.

Just - Ilios has a strong sense of justice. He's a firm believer in justice being blind, and prefers to get the full story before passing judgement on anyone. He always strives to do the right thing, nd his moral compass is straight and narrow. He has little tolerance for the corruption of society, and won't hesitate to stand up for the weak and oppressed.

Disciplined - A disciplined man, Ilios has incredibly self control. He chooses to do what he knows he should do over what he wants to do. This has made him a responsible, respectful, and well-adjusted man. To maintain his willpower, and a clear mind, he meditates on a daily basis, generally when the sun begins to rise. He also takes this time to pray for the guidance and strength to keep him on the right path.

Wise - Ilios is wise beyond his years. He often has sagely advice for those who seek answers to their problems, and many times he simply sets those on the path to finding what they seek, rather than simply telling them. This, at times, has him coming across as rather enigmatic. Not that he minds much.

Playful - Ilios is not as serious as he appears to be. He has a playful side, one that enjoys playing (harmless) jokes on others. He often speaks in a teasing manner when he's not trying to be serious, and a smile can usually be found on his face. He gets along quite well with children and animals because of this, and he tends to find himself actively seeking their company when he isn't on a mission.

Cautious - If his wisdom has taught him anything, it's to always ere on the side of caution. He prefers to think before acting, and often this can cause him to delay taking action, or he won't take any action at all. He often ends up overthinking the situation in an attempt to determine the best course of action. While not always a detriment, his caution has spared him from some very unfortunate accidents in the past.


Ilios was born in Nuru, where he was set to eventually inherit the care of the temples. This plan was put to an end when he was still an infant--unknown to his caretakers, Ilios was already seeing visions of the future. Overwhelmed by these, he was a difficult and fussy infant. It wasn't until he learned to talk that those around him became aware of what the boy was experiencing. When he was five, it ws decided that Ilios would wear a blindfold to hide the world from his gaze. Whenever he was caught fiddling with the blindfold, Ilios was punished, and as the years passed by he grew more accustomed to his blindness, though his mobility isn't entirely perfect. He relies heavily on his staff for this reason, and when without it he's noticeably at a loss.

With his responsibilities to the temple no longer needed, Iios was free to pursue a life of his own making. With his gifts he made the decision to leave Nuru and travel to the outside world, hunting for rogue demons and other dark creatures to make the world a better place. It wasn't until he left that Ilios discovered the injustices of the world, and he has since made it his mission to improve the lives of the general populace.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

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