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Character page soon to come!

Character's Name:



Mermaid (Tropical)

The neurotoxin secreted by Jonah's skin renders those who wish him harm unable to complete their task. It lulls them into trusting Jonah completely, and without question. This is something Jonah isn't too fond of, so he prefers to avoid physical contact.

Jonah is also good with healing magic, which he utilizes by holding his hands above an injury and channeling the magic down to the wound, as he's averse to the effects of his neurotoxin.

Jonah is a sweet boy. With a kind, caring heart. He's incredibly empathetic, and sympathizes with those around him. Perhaps a little too well, in some cases. Seeing others in pain is enough to make him well up with tears as well. He can be a bit of a crybaby, over other people. He puts the well-being of others over himself, and strives to be the best healer he can be.

Though he wishes to be a healer and a physician, Jonah can't stomach physical contact, be it someone touching him or the other way around. He's a merman who values his personal space, largely because of his neurotoxin. When touched, he freezes and loses his composure, often panicking and fleeing to collect himself.

A naturally curious boy, Jonah overcomes his shy nature for the sake of learning. He's very curious about humans, though he's very aware of their readiness to kill mermaids for the rumor of their immortality granting flesh. He uses his camouflage to hide in kelp forests, observing boats and scouring shipwrecks for anything he can use or return to the surface.

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Congratulations, your character has been

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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