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"It's a relic from my days as a soldier," the woman replied coolly as she entered the room again, having come back to seeing the man taking a close look at her shield. She was quick to fall in place at his side, her hands clasped at her back. In the company of this man, it was easy for Aolani to forget that she dwarfed the others at the temple. Even in the army she had dwarfed many around her...

As she stared I to her reflection mirrored in the shield, Aolani's eyes clouded over. How fierce she must have looked back then, with her shield on her arm and her pole axe in hand, charging ahead to protect her comrades...

With a gentle, almost inaudible sigh, Aolani wrapped her fingers around the sides of the mighty shield and lifted it effortlessly off its wall mount. Her biceps flexed as she lifted it, proof of how muscular the woman was in spite of her delicate appearance. 

Working like it was second nature, she strapped the shield to her left arm and took a defensive stance. She looked quite formidable; even her eyes had hardened.

"I've not much use for this shield anymore, to be completely honest," she mused, coming out of the stance to remove the shield from her arm. "Like I said, it's a relic from my past, but should there ever be a need for it, I can still wield it just as I could back then." Aolani gave a soft chuckle to herself as she placed the shield back on the wall.

After polishing off her fingerprints, the angel crossed the room to sit in one of the comfortable chairs, where she crossed one leg over the other as she relaxed. "Food will be brought to us momentarily, so until then make yourself at home."

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Wrath looked on as she wielded the shield as if it weighed nothing. The thing was nearly her size and yet there she was, holding it as if it held no weight. He had to give it to the little angel. She had more power than she looked to have. For a creature to be so invested in the temple, there must have been a traumatic enough event to cause her to leave the frontlines and join under a god. How she chose this one, it was interesting to say the least.

"Surprising. I thought you wouldn't have been able to get it off the wall." It hadn't escaped him with that small look in her eyes. There was tender love and affection for it. A treasured object so to speak. At least she had mounted it up on the wall to keep it from getting damaged any further from the mundane routine of having to move it around. The male nodded but instead of sitting to accompany her, he took a small walk around the room. It was comfortable to say the least. It was more than enough room for one person and gave her room for the personal belongings she had like the shield. Were they even allowed these personal items from their previous life? He assumed so if she had such relics, but maybe it was a perk of her status.

Soon enough, the male came back to take a seat a few feet from her. He didn't know what else to say or even what to expect. Hell, he didn't even know why he was here. "So... What's it like around here?" Small talk. He could do that, right?

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Aolani couldn’t help but laugh at his statement. “I’m far stronger than I look, you know,” she said with a playful wink. “And besides, just because you’re taller than me you must keep in mind that I too am taller than just about everyone else in this temple. With size comes strength.” The angel was giving him an appraising look as she watched him walk around her room.

And by the time he had come to join her he was trying to make small talk—which Aolani found absolutely adorable. The smile was plain on her face with the delight of such a ridiculous thing as her gruff and stoic companion leaving his comfort zone to engage in something so utterly trivial. In fact he looked incredibly out of place here in her room, with its pale blues and golds. Did being here cause him discomfort?

Before Aolani could answer his question her door opened, and in rushed two acolytes covered head to toe in white garb, their faces obscured by white veils. Aolani was familiar with that—she wore a veil at the temple of Vaerath to conceal her identity from the demon lords who occasionally visited.

The first acolyte brought with them a silver tray adorned with bread—still steaming from its time in the oven—fruits, a vegetable soup, and a stuffed roast chicken. The second acolyte held a tray containing a glass pitcher filled with an amber colored liquid, a silver teapot, and a few cups and goblets. Both trays were placed on the small table that rested between the two chairs, and before the acolytes could begin their fussing over her Aolani raised a hand to dismiss them. The pair quickly bowed their heads and took their leave, whispering quickly to one another as they shut the door behind them.

“If I’m being honest?” Aolani began, taking a goblet and pouring some of the amber liquid into it, “It’s tedious here. I’m treated well, but the acolytes fuss over me simply because I am above their station. It’s usually very quiet, I have more paperwork than I did in the army, and more busywork than I can shake a stick at...” a sigh. “And yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ambrosia?” She asked in a squick change of subject, gesturing to the pitcher and its golden contents. “It’s much the same over... there,” she continued in a low voice, stressing the final word to convey her true meaning: Vaerath’s temple. It was a secret only the two of them shared.

The woman brought the cup to her lips and took a long sip before gesturing to Wrath to help himself to whatever he liked. “We’re you any other guest I’d serve you myself, but I bet the distinct feeling you’d take issue with that.” A playful smile tugged at her soft pink lips, and there was a twinkle in her bright sky colored eyes.

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