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This Is Probably Illegal

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Players involved: haji, king fury
Characters: Killian (haji), TBD (king fury)
Setting: About 20 miles outside of Malseka City.
Time: The dead of night.
Weather: Still air, few clouds. The moon, though not full, is large enough to cast an eerie glow upon the land.

Killian wasn't used to taking risks. Especially uncalculated, barely hypothesized risks. That just wasn't his style, but he found that without the shackles of the Mage's College around his legs, he didn't care very much. This little pseudo expedition of his was for his own intents and purposes. Probably a little bit illegal, but there was no time to go through whatever the appropriate channels were now.

His vacation was about halfway done. In the first week, he'd spent a lot of time at the library, had a number of interesting conversations with all kinds of peoples, and tried meats that weren't available in Sleibte. It was a wonderful week of self discovery and a little relaxation.

While working on the most pressing issue - Yfrelo's wards - Killian had discovered some very old, but well researched tactics of magic diffusion that would likely help the city. Not repair the ward, but replace it entirely. He'd need to experiment now while he wasn't under the college's jurisdiction because he had the sinking suspicion that the proposal he'd written before leaving had not only been denied, but passed around as some kind of joke. Perhaps...if Magnus was true to her word, he'd be wrong.

But he doubted that.

He didn't want to risk something catching fire or causing unnecessary noise while staying in the room he had rented for those two weeks. He'd purchased some parchment, some chalk, a couple empty lanterns, various small bits of metal, and special stones that could carry magic. The bazaars were a wonderful pot of cultures and information. He missed it already.

Killian didn't really know how to fly that well. He was small for a Sphinx apparently, and his wings were better suited for gliding than flying. Which was alright with him. If he ran fast enough and jumped high enough, he could cover a lot of ground. Perhaps that was another area of study he could look into: artificial flight.

Once he was far enough away from the city, Killian shifted into human form and set up a little area to work in. He'd brought tools with him as well. Crude and unrefined, but useable. He cast a white fire into the empty lanterns, placed them on the ground, and laid out his other wares.

He pulled out his book of notes and laid that on a bit of parchment, which he had fastened into a low table with a couple runes he'd been able to work on. On another parchment with the same runes, he placed all his previous purchases into small piles and set to work. The basic idea was to build a metal device that could channel the magic contained in the stones. Something that could be scaled up if need be. The right applications of rune magic and a bit of magical metalsmithing would suffice for this tiny prototype.

He got to tinkering. And then he got absorbed in it, tuning everything around him out.

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