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Nathaniel growled so softly, he doubted even Markus could hear it. Perhaps he was a little bit on edge. He wanted to get to work and this was turning out to be a massive waste of time. He didn't need to eat mortal foods or sleep like all other beings of flesh and blood. He was pure energy and found that now that he was focused on one thing, anybody not working towards that singular goal was a nuisance.

"Forgive me," he purred as they stepped onto the large dancefloor, which had a lingering air of mystical wonder about it. "It's been a long day. I'm impatient."

He took Markus's hand in his and placed the other on his waist. The music was hardly important. All that mattered was movement. Nathaniel, the natural leader, twirled with his husband in his arms and hummed through his nose, trying to find that semblance of patience deep within the rotten core of his soul. Tomorrow he could have push for some sort of change.

"Tonight is supposed to be about celebrations, isn't it? By the time we return home, the entire place will be outfitted to match your tastes, and we will have the rest of the night to celebrate properly. Just you and me, my love. As it ought to be."

Yes, just them and nobody else.

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Markus, in rare form, laid his head on Nathaniel's shoulder, enjoying his closeness, his attention and his solid build. Eyes closed, he followed Nathaniel instinctively, and hummed in response to his husband's promises. 

"I suppose I shall forgive you for being rather good." 

His lips curled up into a smile and he nuzzled his face into Nathaniel's neck. 

"I will visit with my circle. You'll find the pressure of gathering a cabinet eased." Markus was always running several lines of thought simultaneously. Occasions meant nothing to him, he would say what he needed when he needed. Both threads of conversation were important, he responded to both. 

"I'll lean on the industries I represent to back you."

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