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Thread Status: Open
Players involved: Kila, and anyone else who wants to hop in!
Characters involved: Var (Kila)
Setting: The Enkratis den and surrounding packlands
Time: Late morning to early afternoon
Weather: Dreary and overcast, drizzly and cool with low humidity


Their queen was dead.

Var had instructed the pack to lay her to rest along the southern border, on a bluff overlooking the lake. It felt only fitting, but as they buried their queen it began to drizzle slowly, as if the sky itself were weeping for their loss.

A heavy air fell over the pack, and Var felt his shoulders droop as he lead the pack in a howl. Their sorrowful song rose to the heavens, echoing their anguish.

With heavy paws, Var returned to the den. Drops of mist clung to his thick pelt, weighing him down even more than his mood. His golden markings, usually so bright and vibrant, dulled. So much had gone wrong. A second oracle dead. Their queen, at that.

With a lumbering sigh, the giant wolf collapsed onto his side in a bed of dry grasses within the den, back to the outside world. The pack wasn't ready for this. He wasn't ready for this. The young were going to need him now. They were going to need his advice and guidance, and Var needed to grieve. He had come accustomed to seeing his packmates die before him, but this death was a true loss for the pack. The oracle was important. How was the goddess to speak to them without her?

A new oracle would have to be chosen, but the royal line...

Var huffed again, and closed his eyes. His thoughts were too much. Today was too much.

It was time to grieve. Thinking could come later...



Ilias had drifted his way home, almost as if he were in a daze. 
Normally, his meticulously groomed pelt was his pride, but today didn't seem like a day to get all gussy'd up. His tail had been stuck hiding underneath his haunches all day, and his ears felt as if something was forcing them to stay flat against his skull. There's no way he could think about looking nice when so much else was going on. Trudging his way through the clumps of dirt and mud had stained his paws a ghastly brown color, he could only imagine how bad the other packmates felt. Those who dug their Queen's grave... Their paws probably felt a lot heavier than his.

He tried not to think about it too hard. He already had the shivers from the chill in the air, he didn't need to shiver thinking about the others. The wolf shuffled his way into the den, barely finding the energy to shake himself dry. The den felt so much warmer than the outside, uplifting Ilias very slightly. 

Nobody else was here, except Var.
Ilias was sure that if he went deeper within the den, he would find a lively wolf somewhere. He peeked around, looking for anything, anyone else. He would settle for a nursing mother and her cubs, even. He sniffed around, rather forcefully, as if deluding himself from accepting what he knew:
Nobody else was here, except Var.

Hesitantly, the hound settled down in a dry spot nearby his giant comrade, letting out an equally giant sigh.

"It's a terrible day for rain..."

He glanced over at Var, perking one ear slightly, hoping for some kind of reaction. 

Ilias had known Var his whole life. Even if they weren't particularly close, he'd always been with the pack. Watching the beast's pelt dim to the color it was always left a sinking feeling in his chest. Var was always so radiant, but his poor soul looked like a black hole, spreading its darkness outward and absorbing all light. Ilias had seen him lose his sheen once or twice, but... Had it ever gotten this dark? Maybe... He could use a distraction. Best to keep his distance for now.

"Do you ever think the Gods feel guilty for their actions?" 

Ilias paused, hoping that his hook had taken.

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Drip.drop.drip, several inches of rain lingered out of the dull clouds ever so immensely as if even the environment felt as they did as well, this lost was something no one should have to endure however in life beings die and live, even with her cause of death being unjustifiable nonetheless Cyan was going to ensure that his pack shall be not only safe but taken care of. 

Cyan's nose sniffed occasionally as he crept through the dens, his sky blue eyes darted over to where the others where in which then he contemplated for a moment if he could even take seeing the burial site as deeply inside it felt unbearable.

 This was no ordinary wolf, she was our queen, a being of eternal gudiance and now since she is deceased it felt as though a weight had been placed upon him, this was no sign as it doesn't feel like one, whoever did this shall be dealing with there punishment he hoped yet then again, it's all on who did it, who would kill there queen?. 

Cyan placed his white furred paw heavily on the muddy trail to the burial site in which then as he heard many wolves howling close by he couldn't resist but to join in, as he lifted his head up closing his eyes a tear leaked from the edge of his sockets, he howled with his pack in honor of there beloved oracle. Yet something still was off, two Oracle's have perished so far recently so the question was simple, why? Why know has Oracles beginning to be killed off like this, was this actually a sign from the gods? Many thoughts circulated in his head as he didn't want to hope for the worst but he had an idea of maybe the gods are displeased with them.

Cyan didn't want to but that idea out to his pack so he shook his head after the howling subsided heading over to two wolves, Var and llias, he didn't really fairly meet them at all however he knew a few names from time to time as his father spreaded this legacy for years. As he approached them all three of his tails curled around him as he sat down on the meadow watching his family," Our Queen may be gone, yet this doesn't mean that you all won't be given guidance if needed, we are a pack, a family, she would want us all to stand together and continue to persevere and thrive throughout any obstacle that comes our way.. this world isn't as encumbered as I thought it was  yet we shall live on! Live not for ourselves but in the name of our queen!" he'd say to all his pack members encouragingly. Cyan stard up at the sky for a moment focusing a bit as he hoped that she will be in a enchanting place forever.

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A small blue, white, and silver wolf watched the pack around her. It was strange to see them all so sad. At first she didn't know what was going on. The whispers had been faint. Some afraid to tell the younger wolf as she trotted around seeming to be happy, but then it slipped up as she listened to some elders talking. The Oracle... The Queen... was dead.

She stopped as she looked at them and asked if was true and they nodded. She looked over to where wolves had started to gather in one central location. She heard where they were burying her and she agreed it was a good place. Rain had drenched her pelt, but that wasn't why she shook. It wasn't why a small whine came from her lips as she looked across the dens. She could see Var seemingly in the center. Was he helping sort this mess? Maybe he'd tell her it was all a cruel lie... She saw Illias appear and then Cyan. 

Slowly, she made her way over there as well. Water dripped down her fur, and she flicked her ear as she felt it dripping it down her ear causing slight irritation. Her blue eyes were soft and sadness was pooling there. Her paws sinking slightly into the mud as the ground softened. "She cant be dead..."

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The queen was dead. Shade hadn't believed Var at first when the wolf had sought him out. He hadn't believed Var until he was led to join the others that buried her. The Queen had been the one to bring him into the pack, and he was glad to help out with laying her to rest, as little as he liked the thought of her death. The Wolves had gone their separate ways after that, each going to grieve in their own way. 

Shade was a loner. His parents had been loners, it was in his blood. But after their deaths, the queen had looked past his cold, quiet exterior and had invited him to join her pack. His scars itches as he remembered how he met her. He’d been set upon by a dragon that had wandered into his land. Their battle had been long since Shade was a stealth fighter, but that didn't help when the dragon simply set fire to the forest. He'd been forced to confront it directly, a little wolf going up against a big dragon. His home was on fire, and he was probably going to die. Nevertheless, he stepped up and challenged the dragon, using shadowsteps to get into the dragon’s back. Up there, he twisted the shadows cast by the dragon’s wings into blade and shredded the thin membranes. His teeth tore what the shadows could not, and as the dragon plummeted to the ground, he bit through the last of the muscle that held its wing to its back. 

Of course, the dragon caught a hold of him, then, and takes him with it's claws. It grabbed him, digging the sharp points into his flesh before tossing him against a tree. The last thing he saw before blacking out was the dragon’s fiery maw, and water streaming towards it. When he woke, the queen was standing over him. She'd slain the dragon and healed his wounds. She even put out the fires. She spoke with him for a time, finally inviting him to join her pack and granting him a name. Wingwrecker. 

And now she was gone. 

Shade stepped into the pack area, spotting each of the others that had entered before him. He didn't like large groups, and slipped into the shadows near the back. His markings glowed faintly in the darkness, but his fur blended in with the shadows. He knew that anyone looking for him would find him easily, but it still made him more comfortable. As much as he just wanted to grieve, he knew the pack came first. It's what she would have wanted.

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"A terrible day for rain indeed," the wolf replied coolly, his eyes leaking as tears again streamed down his face. They burned hot, They stung his skin as they soaked through his fur, but none would see him cry. His pelt was too dark, the trails of tears lost among the darkness of Var's very being.

He rose to his paws, a towering figure among the other wolves. They needed him. Now more than ever, in this cruel hand dealt to them by the very goddess they sought for protection.

No Var, he thought, you must not let yourself give in to doubt. Feaya has to have had her reasons, otherwise...

The potential answers made his blood run cold.

Pushing them aside, the wolf sat next to Lyth, curling his tail around her as he crooned, "I know, my sweet. It is a hard truth to bear." He nuzzled the pup's neck, breathing heavily into her fur. She was likely cold; scared, too. His poor daughter. His poor packmates...

The Enkratis had never suffered a blow like this before. Not in the many hundreds of years he'd lived among them. The devastation, the heartache...

And then Cyan spoke out. Var's lips curled into a snarl as his hackles bristled.

"What know you of guidance, pup?" He shot back, rising to all fours with his tail held high. "You who have only briefly been among your own people?" A deep growl rumbled within his throat. "You speak as though you knew her well, pup, but I can assure you, you know nothing of her or what she was." Var huffed through his nose, blowing smoke as the temperature around him rose, drying his fur and the fur of those around him. "You are not fit to lead, little prince. And you will never be half the leader she was, royal blood or no." His eyes were cold; unyielding. There was much to do, and the pack did indeed need guidance.

He spat embers onto a pile of dry wood, igniting a fire and casting warmth into the cold den.

Feeling Shade's eyes upon him, the wolf gave a nod. "Shade," he barked, "I need you on border patrol with Stitches. If you come across any others, bring them with you." Turning his attention to the rest of the pack, he continued. "The rest of you, gather around the fire and warm yourselves. Even though the sun still warms us, the days shorten as winter draws closer. I don't want anyone falling ill."

Pacing around one end of the fire, the wolf shook himself. "I fear the Chortari may try and attack us in our time of weakness. It certainly wouldn't be the first time..." He trailed off, recalling visions of gnashing white teeth spilling blood on the soil of the borderlands. "No one goes anywhere alone. Travel in groups of three. Young ones, stay in the den." His gaze fell pointedly on Lyth.

"Any questions?"

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