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Character's Name: Ventura

Nicknames: Ven, Ancient Titan 

Age:unknown however appears 16

Gender: Female

Species: Tarsian, Tsu'tari Clan

Abilities: Size Manipulation: Using her Vitka and concentrating her body she is able to fluncuate her size from as tall as she is able to withstand to the size of even an ant, she uses this ability to gain more of a stealth like presence yet also she can use this skill to crush her enemies into the dirt.

Farsighting Eyes: She is able to enhance her eyes to where she can zoom her vision through object to find many people from far distances, the farther she goes the more her eyes becomes in pain, if applied excessively she could actually become blind, it work by finding the magical essence in a being which also helps her with her pressure points.
Aura Pressure Points: Using her magical energy she is able to glow her palms in a sky blue color, skilled if the knowledge of the body she is able to hit a few direct point to temporarily paralyze a partial body are of even the entire body. This skill corresponds with her impressive combative skills.

Spirit Magic: A Lost mythical magic that she normally uses in the supportive ways such as preforming healings and defensive barrier skills. Yet the most astounding usage but also drastically draining of vitka technique that this magic has to offer is the ability to speak to the dead.

Appearance: Ventura has long multi-stranded sky blue hair that comes all the way to the bottom of her feet, her bangs are of length towards the end of her forehead in which exposes her luminous ruby red eyes. She has a light smooth peach skin tone with odd marks along her face, upon her forehead is a green crescent moon tattoo, on her cheeks are green diamond shaped tattoos some of her other tattoos aren't always visible as there on her breast area as well. She has perked lips that are a darker shade of her skin at the top and a lighter shade at the bottom, she has a v tipped chin that is rather nicely proportional. She is well built with a height of 5"7, her ears are round with a point at the top of her ear as if she were an elf. Ventura's usual attire are lime green kimono dresses that dangle a bit as you walk, as even though she is a skilled user of magic she is still capable of wielding weapons with efficiency. 

Personality: No one has ever seen her act the way she does however it's more of a mysterious calm manner, she frequently politely speaks to those who she trust but if she doesn't trust you she more of a church mouse and by far dismissive to those like that unless she really has to commence dialouge with evil. She's a good natured being always in the mood to help those in need as she sees all life precious and worth of essential value no matter how small nor big. 

She can sometimes be sociable as she is very friendly however if she sees you as a threat or as a mere evil dweller she wouldn't pay you much mind as she envys thoses kinds of creatures. In battle she is entirely focused, and more of a strategist, even though it isn't likely that she'll often battle she won't hesitate to take down those that are of demonic intentions as she sees those kinds of beings as misguided entities needed to revert to the light side.

Weapon: Bladed Staff

History: TBD

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be added to the Character Names Thread. If your character is not added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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