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Hey there, I'm gabriel. You all can call me Gabe. I'm genderfluid, but I prefer male pronouns. 
It's Haji's fault I'm here. They love me immensely and dearly.
No really. 

I work full-time, however that won't really affect my activity. I have like 0 motivation some days, though, so bear with me. 
Also I'll be 27 in about two weeks. 

I also started on neopets, but I met Haji in Animal Crossing. If it sounds like I'm bullying Haji... I'm just showing my love.
Trust me. 

Also Haji is a Giant Nerd. 

The end.

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Hey there Gabe and welcome to Antarsia!!!
Gotta love Haji >D You'll grow to hate them cause we can be addicting *cough just saying* ANYWAYS.
Don't worry about activity! We understand people have lives and we don't require you to be on 24/7. If you're going away for awhile, just let us know! That's all we ask. My bestie and I started on Neopets as well! That's actually how we met and you'll probably meet her soon. She's our head admin, Andromeda. I bully her too, but it's all with love <3

Anyways, welcome once more! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! Also if you have discord, come join us! If you don't, we still use cbox <3

Welcome (again)! Hope you enjoy our nutty family <3

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