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Hello, everyone. My name is John. I found Antarsia through Khamnin, one of my friends from Star Army Role Play. 

I haven't done fantasy RP in a long time so take it easy on me.  Tongue My favorite fantasy race has always been dwarves. Second would probably be Dark Elves, then dragons and angels. Wolves are also amazing.

Let's see, what else.. I live in North Carolina, so I'm in EST. I love Norse mythology, Greek/Roman mythology, really any kind of mythology but those are my favorite. I tend to like the death, war, and fertility deities. 

My other interests are science fiction, space travel, video games, movies, and television shows. One of my goals for RP is improving my writing with the hope that I'll feel comfortable enough with the quality of my writing to actually try to write a book and publish it.

I'm a little shy and anxious about talking to new people. Uhh, that's all really. See you around the site!

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Hey John! I'm Cass, or Kila depending on whatever you feel like calling me! I've seen you around the discord, but I don't think I've officially met you!

Welcome to the site <3 I hope you enjoy roleplaying here!

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Hi John! I've already spoken to you a bit in the Discord server, but welcome officially to Antarsia!
If you need help with anything, feel free to ask or just poke Kham xD I can't wait to role-play with you and see your writing improve! I'm sure you will with all us crazy people ^^

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Hello John! We've spoken a bit on discord and I can't wait to see the dwarf you make Smile

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