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Thread status: open
Players involved: Rare, Kokopuffs
Characters involved: Koimata, Kavrier
Setting: Deep Woodland
Time: Nightfall
Weather: Cool, clear

He hadn't spoken in what felt like ages; there had been little need, since finding his way into the woodlands, chased by the nipping bites of a strong spring shower. Here, where civilization had yet to gain a foothold, he had no need for words, accompanied only by the soft symphony of sounds that came from a pittance of passing moments, waking, living, sleeping; a never-ending pattern that was interrupted only by encountering creatures who had no other interest in him then to determine if he was prey or predator. Even now, his hands were hesitant to touch the throbbing pain, wedged between his ribs like a kink that refused to soothe out; a muscle pulled taunt from his encounter with wolves who thought he might make a tasty morsel. It had long stopped bleeding, had already begun to knit back together, leaving little more than angrily raised bumps against pale skin. A few more days, and it would no longer be a bother at all. And then, he supposed, he'd have to find a new place to wander.

There was nothing keeping him here, nothing that whispered to the ache in his chest, a string pulled taut forever tempting his feet into motion. It still pulled, that desire to discover his forgotten past, to find answers in the dark that otherwise laid thick and cloying in his senses, stealing dreams and leaving nothing but to questions with far too few answers. Koimata had encountered others in his self-imposed quest, dragons and wraiths, demons and angels; some seemed to recognize him, taking some strange humor from his presence but offered little when he dared ask why, until he had finally just stopped asking.

Drawing his hand away from its soft caress at his side, only to slide it carelessly through his hair, drawing out leaves from monochrome tresses, he made for the lake that stood at the edge of the forest and the adjacent town. Night was well under way, the coolness of the dark stealing away the humidity that clung to his skin, drawing the kitsune from his bed burrowed in betwixt the clutch of grand roots. The dark crept up along the sides of the path, here where the light of the moon could barely pass through dense foilage, drawing soft ruby eyes, until once again he passed his hand forward, sparking orbs of glowing wisps. Watching them bob, a slow smile touched his face, "Hurry along now," he beckoned, casting them out like fae amongst the summer leaves.

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There was but another man out there that night, but taller, thicker in build than the kitsune was; but his purpose in this area was far more different than their own. Purple eyes could only glance around at the scenery, even at night the forest was beautiful among the twinkling sky, the stars spanning across the horizon with no end in sight. It calmed him to the core, even as his dragon form melted into one much smaller, but still tall on it's own. Can in hand, he began to wonder himself.

This place brought back many memories for him, plenty of them were good, happy ones that cause his heart to flutter; but, another memory would always take place in his heart. It filled it with sadness, depression just to walk along the path around the trees. The thoughts clouded his mind, even though he was wanting to enjoy it more than anything. Every time. Every. Single. Time he would come here, to remember the past as if nothing had happens, only to be reminded of what he'd lost so many years ago.

A soft breath of a sigh escaped thick lips, cane making soft thuds against hard earth as he walked; the leaves and grass creating many sounds around him. Feet had eventually brought him to a quiet lack, the water creating soft ripples the more the breeze scattered across it. The smell of the water calmed his tired mind, even if only for a second, a second he wouldn't give up for the world.

In a moment, his eyes caught a glimpse of what seemed to be bright lights, orbs that glowed off a little ways where he was standing. His brows knit together with uncertainty, unsure if it was something he would think to approach. One could assume they would be harmless, little likes, like fairies flying through the cool breeze. Kavrier? No, he took a more serious note about it. Though something may seem harmless to others, could more than turn out different than they might have thought.

Would he take the change and slowly head towards them? If his mind was in the right place he certainly would have not. As it was, however, his curiosity was more than ready to get the best of him; for with cane in hand, he crept towards the little lights.

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It was here in these quite places that Koimata felt most at ease. Places where memories didn't flair up like hidden images, flashing through his mind, drawing a tangle of emotion from deep within his chest clawing and scraping, yet, offering little as to why they were important in begin with. He seemed no closer to discovering his past, the fog so impenetrable that at times that he was close to giving up entirely. But, then he would catch a glimpse of himself, there in a still puddle of water, chasing behind him in panes of glass, and he'd find the questions returning, the uncertainty, the... alienness, and it would begin all over again. Even now, as he walked deeper into the hills of the forest, the dark strands of hair caught feebly in the pale light cast by his flames, and he reached up, pushing the long hair back.

Not too far ahead, the trees began to thin out, the bobbing lights growing brighter as they came down to hover upon the surface of the pond. He had swum here more than once, dried his clothing on the smooth rocks and explored the pool of deep blue water. He hadn't been brave enough to venture down, small in comparison to the vast caverns that opened up below. Stepping down to meet his guide, he brushed his fingertips against the cool glow, bouncing them away, watching as they twirled and spiraled before kneeling down. Twin ears twitched at each sound, so alive to the closed-off crimson stare beneath them. Reaching up, he pulled the kitsune mask down, the smooth black porcelain sliding across his face, swallowing the silent growl that twisted his lips. Frustrated. 

Maybe he had missed the first sounds of something approaching, but, when it came close enough to hear the crunching of leaves beneath an uneven gait, Koimata's eyes darted up, the lithe creature tensing up, ears perking forward even as his tail fluffed up in surprise. "Who's there?" he called out, his voice low and raspy, the whimsicial movement of the orbs growing still, like miniature suns hovering over open water. The scent was rich, a layered palette of smells that could only arise from the choas of civilization. It did not belong to the forest, not in the way his own often did, and that was enough to make him wary.

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