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Ealamnhym Sunvale

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Character's Name: Ealamnhym Sunvale
Age: 63
Gender: Female
Species: Tarsian Iyanai

As a Tarsian, she possesses all the standard powers wielded by one of her clan: the ability to cancel or reverse magic, limited magical resistance, and a near immunity to illusions. While she demonstrates a few other minor skills with magic, they come from magic items she keeps on her person, rather than her own powers.

Her spear has the ability to recall to her so long as there is room for it to fly, though she pretends her magic resistance comes from her spear. The spear also has the ability to fire blasts of basic magic. The crystal ball in the clasp on her shirt has the power to grant limited invisibility, though the faster she moves, the easier she is to see.

Additionally, she is quite physically strong, and has a acrobat's dexterity, giving her a bit of ability at preforming unusual stunts.

At first glance, Eala appears to be an elf with deeply tanned skin, black hair, and blue tattoos on her face. She wears form fitting clothing, of the type favored by acrobats and other performers where flexibility is required, and has her hair braided into one large braid typically tucked over one shoulder. Those eying her more closely, however, will notice the golden tattoos carefully concealed under her clothes, as well as a small crystal ball hidden on a clasp for her shirt, hinting that she may be a kitsune.

Normally, she's a friendly and mischievous sort, who loves nothing more than putting on shows, drinking with friends, and swiping trinkets from the arrogant. She is friendly to animals but also happy to bury her nose in a good book.

However, in combat her personality seems to completely change. She stops being carefree, instead becoming a serious and rampaging beastm crushing everything in her way with strength and brutal cunning.


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Congratulations! Your character has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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