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JokerThe Ringmaster of Mystiques Carnival

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'There's next to nothing about him in any information network; none of our informants have gotten close enough to gain anything useful. We don't even have his real name; just that ridiculous moniker that everyone knows him by. Fucking peacock. Not even afraid to blatantly announce he's screwing with us all. What we know is this, he's a hybrid of a conquest demon and elf, old, and powerful. You can tell by those chains; they aren't for show. Born here somewhere in Xira; there's no evidence of any immigration from Katakarthia, probably the product of some wench who couldn't be bothered to care for her brat; he certainly doesn't seem to have anything he truly loves; just himself. To the city, hes the ecentric ringmaster of Mystique's Carnival; yeah that one. From the poor to the royals themselves; they all get a kick out of the exotic and unusual. What they don't know is its just a front to one of the biggest criminal underworld operations in Antarsia. And this fucking joke is one of their head hanchos.'

♢ appearance

He is a flamboyant creature, bound in the sins of gluttony and pride. Elven in body, the demonic blood that flows through his veins corrupted what he may have been, conquering, as was its nature. Lean and sinuous, there is a certain beauty to his movements, yet, careless in a way that spoke of a man who was wholey in control. He stands taller than most, never slouching, his head tossed back in fiendish abandon, exposing his throat, barbed smile and hungry eyes watching for those who dared draw close. Enthralling to man and monster alike, he is the sort who wears his charisma as sword and shield, learning the game perhaps not out of expectation, but that of necessity. 

♢ personality

Selfish - Cruel - Spontaneous - Charismatic - Self-Loathing - Obsessive 

♢ Abilities

Persuasion: Tethered, binding, it was a trait that bestowed upon him the right of conquest. Born of the demonic lineage that tainted his origins, Joker has an impressive ability to influence others, chaining them to his will and fate.

Illusions: A masterful artisan, smoke and mirrors, the carnival is a place of tricks and half truths. To cater to the illegal, all the while entertaining the general public, is a result of years of endless training in manipulating the senses, the to the point where what he paints becomes reality, at least, to those experiencing it.

Dream scape: A greater illusion, one that binds others to a waking dream. To the creatures of the land, Mystiques is a place novel and exotic, shows and fine trinkets to be sampled from around the world; to those of lesser mind; well, it is not a mere rumor that there are some who have been caught in the thrall for years.

Blood magic: Forbidden, taboo, and yet, an actively practiced avenue. For a man who is beyond caring, he is oh so familiar with the taste of iron upon his tongue, and uses the one thing that is always in abundance amongst patrons and enemies alike. 

Strength: Wiry, he does not appear a strong man, and yet, he like most of his demon kin, are far more powerful then he appears, capable of shattering stone and bending steel with ease.

Invulnerability: Immortal, he finds his strength in his sin, in conquest. While he fights no great battles like his kin in the eternal war, his is a more subtle approach to gaining their infamous longevity. Wounds as swift to heal, almost as fast as they are laid. His end, lies in defeat.

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