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Khara Bayan

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Character's Name: Khara Bayan

The Khan

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Species: Troll 

   Magic: Adept with feral magic, he can control and converse with the beasts around him with ease.
               He often uses this to assist him in herding and riding among other things.

    Horse Back ridding: He introduced and taught his followers to ride horses.
     Archery: He is a masterful archer on foot and on horse back, wielding a massive bow that he can only draw due to his innate strength.
     Command: Though his stature alone give him a distinct presence, his ability to lead extends well beyond that.

 A towering figure covered in colorful fabrics that blow in the wind. His face is sharp and angular in contrast with eyes that seem soft and full of compassion.
           Height: 8' 2
            Yellow eyes
            Black hair
            Sandstone colored skin
     Deliberate and thoughtful, but willing to use extreme methods if necessary. He feels that the only way to end the prosecution of his species is to unify them into a single people.

History: He grew up hiding from both the sun and other beings, watching them when he could. Early on he began to cover himself to extend the time he could be active as well as to hide his true nature from those who feared him for what he was. He slowly built a following of 7 other trolls and with them tamed a herd of yaks. With the yaks fleece he built yurts as he knew that if trolls were to be seen as a people, then they needed to have artificial shelters. His followers are Masgud, Bedes, Oghul, Bold, Jungsai, Temur, and Chagur

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Congratulations! Khara has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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