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Character's Name:  Rylonis (Rye-lawn-iss)

Nicknames:  Rylo

Age:  85

Gender:  Female

Species:  Hybrid between: Plenty Angel & Pren Elf.  Affected by Werebeast Curse.



Feral | Animal Communique - Allows her to sense the intentions of animals and almost communicate with them via this link.  She can also project her own feelings to animals in an attempt to tame them or at least prevent them from becoming violent.

Healing | Organic Healing - This spell allows her to heal wounds on humans by speeding up their own bodies natural healing process.  She is also able to restore the life of plants if they've withered or died.


Faster running - Due to her Angelic bloodline she is able to run slightly faster than most mortal races, but only a bit.

Tracker - Due to her Pren Elf side she is able to track things with even the best of the Pren Elves.


Height - 5'8
Hair - Dark blonde to platinum blonde to lavender, the front is shoulder length, while the back continues to grow down to her lower back in waves. Ombre color style
Eyes - Sea mist blue
Skin - Pale fair with a tint of ice blue
Beast form - Black leopard with bioluminescent ice blue spots.  Leaf green eyes.
Extras - She has small antler stubs on her forehead, a lot like that of a fawn or doe.

Personality:  Slightly introverted due to having had issues with people treating her poorly, but still has good people skills, and even a kind of magnetizing personality that makes people want to be around her.  And despite being slightly introverted she's still sweet and kind to others.  While also maintaining some sort of distance from others, whether it's controlled by her own actions towards them, or she just starts avoiding them.

History: (If requested or needed to explain the power behind a character)

Roleplay Sample:  Myrissei jumped and spun around, her eyes resting upon a man who had apparently seen her. Wait, she'd seen him entering the courtyard but a moment ago, had he seen her? She put on a smile and straightened her skirt and gave him a small curtsy. "Lady Myrissei Harrow, Lord Patrick Harrow is my uncle," she explains with a well trained polite tone, and her smile well practiced for public appearance.

"I could say the same of you sir," she says, a light smirk playing across her face. "Though I suppose that's why you're here, you're curious about why I'm not at the feast," she adds. "It's not really something I can discuss, as it is a personal matter," she explains, and it was obvious that she was trying to shoo him away in a polite manner. That was when she took a moment to let herself breath and she could smell the scent of smoke within his clothes, it made her heart leap quite happily, she remembered smelling it on her father's clothes when he would carry her to bed after a late night with the townspeople at the pub.

"And may I ask who you are sir?" she asks, remembering she'd forgotten to ask his name. He didn't look like he was from Westeros, yet his accent was Westerosi. The dark color of his skin accented his face rather well, and she couldn't help but feel herself blush as she realized she found him to be rather handsome. "You don't look like any of the lords I've been taught about by the Maester," she adds with a tone saying she was curious.

She wanted very badly to take advantage of the Maester's distraction with the feast, but this gentleman had really caught her attention, she couldn't help but want to get to know him better, though she knew she didn't really have the time. She wanted to leap to asking him how long he would be visiting their keep, curious if he was just there for the feast, or possibly business, but she had already asked him one question. She'd never been this flustered in her life and it felt odd. "And I hope the food and drink is up to your standard," she adds with a genuine smile.

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Congratulations!Rylonis has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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