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[Image: Miu.png]








Dragon Form:

6'0" From head to front toe

Human Form:



Dragon Form:

198 lbs

Human Form:

90 lbs


Western Dragon


Enhanced Senses: Though, many of her kind would have senses that are much for enhanced that others, due to
being blind her other senses are heighten more; to make up for the inability to see.

Fire Breath: Unlike fire of other dragon, her own comes in a shade of blue; burning hotter than fires of
oranges, reds, and yellows. Miu doesn't use this to harm others, but more of a way to defend herself as
needed. It is common for her to accidentally use if startled.


Shy: Easy to avoid and be silent around others, even if they are those she might know. Then again, there aren't many in her life she could call friends in the first place. Even when spoken to her voice is soft, almost a whisper.

Anxious: Even with senses heightened, she get extremely anxious and scared in areas where there is no sound or smell; as well as places with an overwhelming aura of senses that overstimulate her.

Gentle: Miu is one to never hurt nor harm a creature, even if their own intention is to do so to her. Her own options is either to run or hide away from others.

Quiet: Never to speak out of turn, or really speak at all in most cases.


Miu was basically born as the smallest egg in her nest, though funny enough she was the only one to survive into birth. Yet, it wasn't her parents she was born into, instead her head was stolen from it's nest and sold to the highest bidder. When she hatched her looks were quite interesting, light eyes, body, with subtle pink marking along her white scales; and not to mention feathered as well. Unfortunately for her she was born into slavery, the man who bought the egg kept he

The girl wasn't born blind, but instead her sight slowly deteriorated as she grew older; her simple tasks of helping with cleaning of their master's home became slightly harder. It was the other slaves of the mansion that helped her along with the daily chores, un-wanting
to see the girl be punished for something she could not control.

It happened anyway, it seemed, once it was revealed she wasn't doing these things on her own. She was left with scars across the top of her back. After this event, it was devised among some of the other slaves to help her escape, which was quite successful an event; but it was only one who actually escorted her out. Now the girl is on the run, making sure to keep to herself as she'd rather not end up where she was before.

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Congratulations! Miu has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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