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Character's Name: Udriah
Age: 90
Gender: Female
Species: Conquest demon

Abilities: Udriah is not a powerful demon in her own right. Though she is a skilled planner and knowledgeable in very basic darkness magic, she only has one real power. She can absorb the energy of attacks that strike her weapon, neutralizing them, then send the power back in a single strike. She can't hold onto power to launch multiple attacks, but she can bank power from several attacks to return one, much stronger, attack. Deprived of a weapon, she can try to do the same with her fists, but is nowhere near as effective with the ability as when she has a weapon. While there is presumably an upper limit to the power, she doesn't know where it is, since finding it would require an extended battle (something she avoids at all costs.) Whatever energy she banks is lost after a few minutes, unless she keeps feeding the ability.

Appearance: Udriah is a demon of mid-sized build and with pale skin. She always wears leather armor with a sword sheathed at her side, and wears a mask that covers the top half of her face. Marking on the mask resemble eyes, but give her a very demonic look.

Her alternate form is a snake.

In human form, he still has black hair, but loses both the beard and the headdress, instead simply appearing as a normal man. His skin is a deep tan, the result of desert living, and he wears simple robes suited for the climate. He still has the wings.

Personality: She's an angry and manipulative sort of person, skilled in making people do what she wants and inspiring them to fight for the cause she champions. While she has a cruel streak, she's good at making her followers believe her actions are just, no matter how anyone else sees them.

History: Udriah fled her homeland in the Conquest Kingdom at an early age. She quickly traveled to Xira, where she got involved in several incidents of violence against humans and other non-demon races. A fervent believer in Demon superiority, she embarked on a campaign championing against 'injustices' she felt the demons suffered at the hands of lesser races, and soon amassed a small following.

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Congratulations! Udriah has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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