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[M] A Normal day, A Normal.... Death

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"Really? That's pretty interesting, though I guess I makes sense in a way. At least I know what you smell like and you know what I smell like too, so we always know where each other are," he chuckled lightly, "you smell like butt sometimes though." Jabari chuckled again, but buried his face into the man's shoulder; trying not to be too damn loud. As the young man was pretty close to Dei's ear at the time, he'd feel more than bad if he hurt his ear by laughing too hard.

"Huh, that kind of sucks I guess, must be kind of shitty not having met your other family, yeah?" he blinked a couple times in thought, then smirked to himself, "are all dragons able to breed with each other? Even if they don't look the same? If so... you think a mix of eastern and western would have wings? Or nah?"

Jabari shook his head and sighed, placing his cheek against the larger man's face sweetly. "Well, they don't know what it's like to be around a dragon," he smiled to himself, "I could never find myself ever being scared of you... just annoyed because you're an asshole sometimes."

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