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[Image: Jabari.png]

Character's Name:









Pren Elf/Lion Kelahati


Shifting: Like many Kelhati from his mother's side, he is able to turn into the animal form of his affinity; that being the form of a large lion. Fur dark, deep brown in color, main start from the same color only to fade to a light blonde.

Tracking: Using many skills with this, he is able to track his way over most terrain. Whether it be tracking an animal, person, or finding where he needs to be; he had no troubles finding what it he's looking for.

Archery: Though skilled with weapons such as daggers, he had higher skill with archery than any other forms of fighting. Able to take long rang attacks on enemies, easily taking them down before they can even reach him.

Animal Communication: Self explanatory really, but he has the ability to communicate with any creature, big or small.

Earth/Wind Magic: Something more from his father's side, body one with nature and the environment around him; able to conjure up wind or manipulate the earth around him for his own purposes. Most usually in defense.


Kind: A sweet, caring lad to anyone close to him, showing upmost gentleness and understanding towards them; especially family, friends, and even his bonded. Though this can extend to those he doesn't know as well, especially young children and the elderly.

Energetic: Being as young as he is, he can find himself being quite hyper during the early parts of the day. Can become quite chatty sometimes, or even just energized enough to take quite the long run as well.

Protective: Anyone close to his heart with never have to worry about being in danger, making sure they are always protected from any threats; perhaps being going as far as putting himself in the way of said danger.

Wary: There are always things out there ready to kill and sometimes no reason; this gives him a bit more serious note to his overall being when out and about. Making sure there is nothing waiting for him in the bushes, threes, or in the dark crevices around every corner.

Loyal: If he cares for you he as always be loyally by your side, whether it be the smallest of favor or even the largest; you can always count of Jabari to be there for you.

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Congratulations! Jabari has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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