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[Image: Akuma.png]








6'7" Flat Footed

7'0" Digitigrade


239 lbs


Demon/Dragon hybrid




Heightened strength/endurance: Abilities passed down from not only their Demon parent, but their Dragon one as well. His body body is well honed on being able to take hits and give devastating blows as well. Even if I fight isn't going his way, he can easily outlast his opponent in shear force of endurance; allowing them to weaken and tire much faster than his own body.

Speed: With the way his legs are, when waling on his toes, he can easily gain fast amount of speed; claws easily gripping the earth below his feet for more traction.

Fire magic: Though not in a traditional way as a dragon might be able to use, but he can harness it in his dragon-like arm. He can create flames that tail up from his claws and almost up to his shoulder. Though, he chooses on to keep said flames around his hand.

Teeth/Claws: Mostly just a natural set of weapons, he isn't afraid to use them to his advantage.


Akuma can just generally be quite the grouchy kind of man, a scowl or even just neutral expression on his face; even a soft rumbling grow following along with it. He is not too much of one to find comfort in the socialization with others, yet, some can and have found their way past his rather sour demeanor. It isn't too often these people come about, but they are those he can trust over many others.

If there is one thing he values more than anything, it's others who can be more than straight with him; undeceiving and trustworthy. There's nothing that angers him more than those whom are deceptive and underhanded in anyway. Akuma is quite prone to fight with those like this, no matter the race they are.

The man enjoys his time alone when he can, away from the noise of others and just in the throws of nature itself. It is the best time for him to be at peace. Anyone who can be more than honest and even respect his desire of solitude, earn themselves a higher place in his mind set.


- Scars litter his body from battles won, even the scales on his arm are scratched and sliced.

- Has a large, long tongue that is split down the center; stopping around half way up it.

- Knows his way around weapons, his favorite are long/sharp swords.

- Wherever there are scales on his body they will natural shed, an irritating and quite itchy process

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Congratulations! Akuma has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3
I'd be straight for this guy

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